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Below Dev Interview Comes Into The Light

Marc Pilkington
Posted on 14 June 13 at 15:14
Just what is this game all about?

Please click here to read the story: Below Dev Interview Comes Into The Light

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Posted on 14 June 13 at 15:38
This one definitely looks different. Can't wait to see some solid gameplay.
Don't feed the trolls
Posted on 15 June 13 at 03:13
Day one buy....The trailer had me at hello. lol
The Monk BAD IT
Posted on 15 June 13 at 10:05
HingedMonster said:
This one definitely looks different. Can't wait to see some solid gameplay.
same here toast
>> Tampa Bay Buccaneers <<
Posted on 17 June 13 at 00:01
"The focus on atmosphere, mood and soul is something that we’re hoping to continue and build on with “Below,”

This part of the interview has me sold.

Loved Super Brothers Sword and Sworcery back in 2011,
A wonderfully unique and compelling marriage of gaming and art (not to mention a killer soundtrack). REALLY looking forward to experiencing Below and even Super Time Force later on XBLA.
This Trailer captures the feeling much better, just have a listen to the soundtrack kick in while the character ventures deeper into the island; beautifully captures the moment. Game play wise the top down hack and slash action has me excited!

I have the utmost faith in Capy Games, their style perfectly encapsulates what indie games are all about imo.
Posted on 18 June 13 at 19:36
Looking forward this since E3 announcement (and super time force, by the way)

Big fan of Capy here.

Happy to see some love here... after E3 I've only heard people bathmouthing this game. Meh, they might be graphic wh*res with no real sense of design, art or aestethics, or just mocking sony fanboys/trolls.
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