Game Discussion: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock


  • Odinson6I6Odinson6I6201,752
    Posted on 18 February 15 at 03:09
    is anyone else having calibration problems??????? i now remember why i never played this on my HDTV. i have a 40" emerson. if anyone has any calibration settings that works, PLEASE share
  • o SeduLOUs oo SeduLOUs o648,095
    Posted on 19 February 15 at 08:43
    Have you tried to recalibrate via the menu and do the strumming test etc?

    I have my 360 through my HDMI in on XB1 now, and when I played GH3 recently the timing was all over the place, but a calibration in the settings sorted it out.
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