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XBL Sale Roundup: July 28th, 2015

  • ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce1,547,313
    Posted on 29 July 15 at 08:07
    Onsidic said:On a serious note, when i clicked the On Sale Now button from the 360 desktop
    First blade says under $15 - first item listed

    Is it actually on sale?
    No that's the regular price. They're very sneaky with that tile in that it's mostly stuff that's not actually on sale, they're just bundled into different pricing brackets with their regular prices.
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  • AngryNivekiAngryNiveki461,651
  • AngryNivekiAngryNiveki461,651
  • AngryNivekiAngryNiveki461,651
    Posted on 29 July 15 at 09:32
    Doh, double post! Looks like i still need help. Anyone got a cure for stupidity?
  • EelectricalEelectrical225,233
    Posted on 29 July 15 at 09:40
    I was excited to see Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit DLC on the list, but then I realised there is 3 more packs that are not on sale laugh
  • Posted on 29 July 15 at 11:29
    I figure everyone knows this already, but I feel compelled to put out on a little PSA on Warframe. In case you're wondering, the free-to-play is by no means pay-to-win, and you don't need to spend a dime on platinum to progress. Just a little tlc and you'll have hours and hours of fun with this. I spent 0 dollars and already have 6 warframes, almost all planets unlocked, a companion, and prime things :)
  • AhayzoAhayzo1,344,267
    Posted on 29 July 15 at 13:46
    matdan12 said:alklein92201 said:CRAZE KILER said:Arent some of the servers shut down on a couple of the need for speed games? I wish they wouldn't sale games missing a potentially major component for the game. In my opinion these games are being sold incompleteProStreet is the only game on sale sale (actually the only current or last gen I think) that has servers closed. Even with that, and ignoring the fact that $5 is likely worth it for most fans for the single player, I'd say it's up to the customer to know what they're buying and to decide whether lack of online is a problem for them.You should look at Army of Two some of that DLC is MP only and never was delisted. EA just don't care.None of AoT's DLC was online only. The achievements were all online for one pack, but it had offline play still.
  • matdanmatdan809,122
    Posted on 29 July 15 at 13:56
    My point stands as the DLC is uncompletable.
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  • x RepoUK xx RepoUK x288,571
    Posted on 29 July 15 at 15:03
    Chakaal Starr said:EnjoyableCoffee said:rollYuck! Lots of EA games.You are a little behind the times, UBI is the company everyone loves to hate now.Hated Ubi since they closed the Total Annihilation servers and that's so long ago I can't even remember when it was.
  • burnthelambburnthelamb446,700
    Posted on 29 July 15 at 20:34
    Vroom Vroom!
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  • Rista BRista B702,910
    Posted on 02 August 15 at 17:59
    Is that a "life is strange" picture adverstised on the X1 box for gold sales? Didn't notice that yesterday but don't see that game listed on sale either.
  • Posted on 04 August 15 at 01:48
    Didn't look at these sales early enough to do anyone else any good. But if you already have Need For Speed Carbon on disc, you can buy the digital copy for $5.09 and trade in the physical copy to Gamestop for $8 trade credit, which you can use to buy $8 in Xbox credit.
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