Game Discussion: Age of Sparta (Win 8)

Game crashing on startup

  • LvxLvx267,227
    Posted on 04 August 15 at 17:15
    Anyone else experiencing this?
  • IncensedCapeIncensedCape696,960
    Posted on 05 August 15 at 17:01
    Yeah same here, along with every other Gameloft game I have tried. I assume something is up on their end, or it's a pretty big coincidence that all of their games aren't working =)
  • IncensedCapeIncensedCape696,960
    Posted on 10 August 15 at 09:58
    Back to normal now.
  • LvxLvx267,227
    Posted on 10 August 15 at 17:49
    Yeah, it started working again for me as well.
  • BasileusBasileus242,191
    Posted on 10 December 15 at 09:12
    It's crashing for me since a few days. Didn't change anything on my laptop and also no update for the game... cry
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