Game Discussion: Dragon Mania Legends (Windows)

Need windows 10 friends for this

  • Zorlac0666Zorlac0666192,344
    Posted on 05 August 15 at 11:22
    Title says it!
  • Posted on 06 August 15 at 16:34
    Add my gamertag on Xbox or my friend code is 19f35
  • Zorlac0666Zorlac0666192,344
    Posted on 06 August 15 at 16:57
    InsidiousDude said:Add my gamertag on Xbox or my friend code is 19f35I have no idea what friend codes are.
  • Crank ScopeCrank Scope412,742
    Posted on 08 August 15 at 18:18
    My Referral code is 13a78 and my gamertag is John Crank.
  • Zorlac0666Zorlac0666192,344
    Posted on 14 August 15 at 00:20
    I still don't know how o use the friend/referral codes. Also when I try to add friends in game it doesn't use the xbox friends list, it tries to use facebook.
  • Posted on 18 August 15 at 20:01

    Add me if you want
  • Zorlac0666Zorlac0666192,344
    Posted on 18 August 15 at 20:22
    Can't add you through a referral code I've figured out. That's JUST for referral bonuses.
  • cnirvanacnirvana1,548,012
    Posted on 21 August 15 at 03:21, Edited on 17 September 15 at 21:43 by cnirvana
    Game completed so I will not be logging into this daily anymore. Thanks a million for those who helped and I hope my gifts helped others move along a little quicker too!
  • Zorlac0666Zorlac0666192,344
    Posted on 21 August 15 at 03:30, Edited on 21 August 15 at 03:31 by Zorlac0666
    Referral codes don't work guys, and this isn't what i was asking for. I will add you though nirvana since you posted your facebook.
    Messaged you, but it went to you other folder since I had no connection to you. Facebook even tried to tell me not to send you a request. What right does facebook have to tell me who I can and cannot friend request?
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