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    Posted on 25 April 15 at 15:30
    Please use this thread to discuss the Neverwinter walkthrough
  • REJECt444REJECt444924,094
    Posted on 25 April 15 at 15:53
    This will be quite a task as there is a lot in this game... If anybody wishes to contribute or help, it would be appreciated. I mostly need more information on epic dungeons and dragon slaying advice.
  • AckterAckter331,758
    Posted on 25 April 15 at 15:59, Edited on 25 April 15 at 15:59 by Ackter
    Best bet to get the Epic dungeons done is to either roll a Cleric or a Guardian Fighter. They're the two most wanted classes for dungeons, and the least likely to get randomly kicked by the others.

    If you're building a Cleric, go for as much healing, buffs and AoE as possible, with a concentration on recovery to get your encounter powers to recharge more quickly.

    If you're building a Guardian Fighter, go for as much defence, deflection and threat-gathering as possible.

    One of the dungeons, Caverns of Karrundax, has five dragons to kill at the end of it. The easiest way to farm them is, I believe, to kill the smaller ones then all die to respawn back before the fight started. You can repeat this over and over. Don't think there's a quicker way to boost dragon kills.
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  • JasoX FINJasoX FIN770,434
    Posted on 30 June 15 at 20:33
    Scrying stone locations

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • REJECt444REJECt444924,094
    Posted on 07 July 15 at 19:28
    Thanks. I'll change it and resubmit.
  • EurydaceEurydace619,923
    Posted on 07 July 15 at 20:33
    You don't need to resubmit. You can do it as staff even when you're not an overseer.
  • REJECt444REJECt444924,094
    Posted on 18 September 15 at 03:35
    *updating walkthrough to reflect title update with new achievement and changed old ones*
  • herbal1stherbal1st307,208
    Posted on 04 February 16 at 13:44
    hi. it seems like the method to farm dragons mentioned in the WT doesnt work anymore because that dungeon is closed. may only been closed for me and my friend because we were both above level 60 but usually it should still let you enter and just adjust the players level. however my friend said he looked it up and as he read it is closed now.. shame, i hope there is another fast method to farm dragon kills.. :/
    Don't take life too seriously. No one gets out alive.
  • AckterAckter331,758
    Posted on 04 February 16 at 13:54
    The dungeon is apparently coming back in Mod 9 so it might work again then.

    There's no way to effectively farm that achievement at the moment, other than actually going out and killing dragons.
  • NomstuffNomstuff828,585
    Posted on 06 March 17 at 13:25
    Is anyone working on the title update still?
  • KillersquirelzKillersquirelz1,965,326
    Posted on 06 June 18 at 04:04, Edited on 06 June 18 at 04:05 by Killersquirelz
    Just as an FYI to anyone looking, I'm currently rewriting the walkthrough with all the new content and such.
  • EurydaceEurydace619,923
    Posted on 06 June 18 at 12:44
    Rewriting or adding!?

    Not that I care I guess haha. Thank you for taking over.
  • KillersquirelzKillersquirelz1,965,326
    Posted on 18 June 18 at 08:43, Edited on 18 June 18 at 08:45 by Killersquirelz
    Eurydace said:
    Rewriting or adding!?

    Not that I care I guess haha. Thank you for taking over.
    Rewriting probably half that was there and adding all the rest. Mainly because lots of it is outdated, or needs to be reformatted and rewritten to take into account new achievements like Deeds.
  • EurydaceEurydace619,923
    Posted on 18 June 18 at 16:32
    Sounds great. You’re a hero.
  • KillersquirelzKillersquirelz1,965,326
    Posted on 22 July 18 at 05:26, Edited on 22 July 18 at 05:27 by Killersquirelz
    Just as an update, this is almost done. The only thing left are rewriting the first 4 pages, and explaining why guilds are so important, and then writing up the general overview for campaigns. All the Post Lvl 70 content has been explained, including what to do daily/weekly. It's a wordy walkthrough, but it's also a huge game with a lot of content. The idea is that when you're starting a campaign, you read that campaigns page once to learn everything you really need to know to complete the campaign, and with campaigns like the Maze Engine it takes you through step by step with exactly what you need to get.

    One thing I will note, and I talked this over with Batman before taking over this walkthrough, is that I'm going to be removing and leaving out as many references to the current 'meta' as possible. Because of how often Neverwinter changes classes, 'the best class' changes frequently. Right now, Tac Guardian Fighters are amazing DPS and absolutely worthless as tanks, but in Mod 14 they won't be as amazing for DPS anymore. Maybe in Mod 15 that will change again, but the point is that this walkthrough won't be teaching you what class is the best and how to play it. This will just focus on all the generalized information for everyone regardless of build on how to get the achievements. Otherwise you'll get situations like you have now where on one of the pages it says a Control Wizard is a decent substitute for a tank which is very much not true anymore.

    It's been left published as I've been working on it so people could use it as I go, as I know a few people have been that have messaged me. This also allows people to see what the structure of the walkthrough will look like in the long run. If you have any questions or concerns, or things you'd like to see in the walkthrough that you don't see right now (In pages past Campaigns since otherwise I'm still working on them), feel free to respond in this forum or send me a PM and I'll take a look.

  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,668,103
    Posted on 25 August 18 at 10:03
    I think the most important thing to add is a disclaimer not to start this game for anyone that hasnt yet started it, for those that value their sanity anyway lol.
  • KillersquirelzKillersquirelz1,965,326
    Posted on 29 August 18 at 01:56
    LifeExpectancy said:
    I think the most important thing to add is a disclaimer not to start this game for anyone that hasnt yet started it, for those that value their sanity anyway lol.
    Other than one achievement that they already announced they'll make much easier at a later date, it's not really all that bad of a completion as long as you have a good guild. There are way worse MMO's.

    I still need that dumb Dino +5 though, I just haven't gone hardcore with farming it.
  • II jCash IIII jCash II194,191
    Posted on 11 July 19 at 11:13
    In the walktrough the estimated time for each title update is 200+. Is this still true or does it get easier/faster when starting the game today? (i stopped 4 years ago)
  • MelchidaMelchida459,598
    Posted on 09 March 20 at 21:28
    Just an FYI for everyone that the walkthrough ends at update 15, whereas the game has since progressed to update 18, and has had 2-3 new dlc achievement bunches relating to new endgame content. I am nowhere near endgame so I can't really speak on it's difficulty but I thought people should know
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