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Static Cut-Scene Issue

Posted on 26 April 15 at 08:06
Hi Guys,

Downloaded this game when it was free for Gold Users. Experienced this weird Static Screen during Cut-Scenes yet all the game audio and subtitles would be working fine.

I'm going to delete the game and re-download it as well as Hard reset my Xbox One.

Just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this issue?
Posted on 26 April 15 at 19:22
I have it. Sometimes it happens. But most time it is OK. I have not experienced it for a while.
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Posted on 27 April 15 at 04:16
I've gotten it as well. I have no idea what causes it. At least it doesn't affect gameplay.
Posted on 04 May 15 at 20:02
Same here, tried re-downloading and still got the same screen on all cut scenes so far but game play is fine.
P love 44
P love 44
Posted on 20 May 15 at 04:09
I think this is an issue with the engine they designed it on because the same exact thing happens when I load up Rayman Legends.
Skeptical Mario
Posted on 29 August 15 at 17:14
Just chiming in to say I've experienced this with Child of Light and Rayman Legends also. I guess it is something in the Ubi Art framework.
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