Game Discussion: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

is this game hard?

  • EVEN5TAR 117EVEN5TAR 117508,790 508,790 GamerScore
    Posted on 07 August 15 at 06:14
    Hello, i have a question! Is this game hard? It have a ratio of 2.1 but I'm not really good at fighting games, so it is doable to complete at 100% whit a little practice or it is really hard?? Thanks.
  • OlivierL57OlivierL57818,309
    Posted on 07 August 15 at 19:46, Edited on 07 August 15 at 19:57 by OlivierL57
    Only the Score Attack is awfully hard if you play legit, but there is a glitch with a second controller that you can see in the solutions. It still seems to be a pain though, but only two achievements are concerned (Leonidas and Welcome to the Azure Nightmare). There is literally nobody online as well, so you will have to find a boosting partner if you want to do the related achievements (a dozen of them). The rest is definitely easy and can be done with a dummy controller if need be, and you can even set the difficulty to the lowest settings as far as the Arcade and Story modes are concerned.
  • EVEN5TAR 117EVEN5TAR 117508,790 508,790 GamerScore
    Posted on 10 August 15 at 05:21
    Ok! thanks 4 the answer! i'll take it lets see if i can do it!
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