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Online achievements / boost

  • thmrtsthmrts245,667
    Posted on 09 August 15 at 17:23, Edited on 09 August 15 at 19:59 by thmrtsPermalink
    If someone wants to do the 3 online achievements with me, send me a PM. I'd like to get them out of the way and it's pretty dead online it seems. laugh

    Noticed that region plays a role in this game. Wasn't able to find someone from Australia while we're both searching and we both found no matches. Tried several times.

    GT: thmrts (lvl 1) - Europe, Belgium based.
  • M4STOD0NM4STOD0N522,860
    Posted on 11 August 15 at 16:25Permalink
    I was trying this the other day as well with a guy from France and had issues getting connected. I'm certainly willing to give it a try with you. I'm in Canada, so may not work out for us either.

    Stupid achievements really. Only ones I have left, this game was a slog I kind of wish I hadn't started. :P

    GT is the same as my trueachievements handle. I'm in EST and usually online from 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm on weekdays and then generally most of the weekend. I won't be on tonight though (tuesday).
  • TerebrAHTerebrAH358,924
    Posted on 14 August 15 at 04:54Permalink
    Feel free to add me (and anyone else) and message me when I'm online if you wanna do this, based in Australia

    I'm level 1 aswell

    GT: TerebrAH
  • ZombiPeshugaZombiPeshuga241,220
    Posted on 16 August 15 at 04:54Permalink
    I need someone to unlock the online achievements, im lvl 1 send me a message if you want.
  • Posted on 16 August 15 at 14:34Permalink
    I too need online help
    creeping monte
  • Posted on 29 August 15 at 20:52Permalink
    Is it still possible to rank up? I've won my last few matches, only encountering level 1s, and am starting to wonder if it's actually possible to still get the final online achievement?
  • Posted on 13 February 16 at 19:14Permalink
    If anyone can please help me with the online achievements that would be great. GT okn0cturalo. Thanks if someone is so kind
  • FoxyBoy89FoxyBoy8983,197
    Posted on 31 March 16 at 14:47Permalink
    Anyone else still need these?

    Drop me a message and we can try get them together
  • MichuMichu311,056
    Posted on 31 March 16 at 22:05Permalink
    If anyone wants to get this then add me. I'm a level 1
  • Posted on 11 April 16 at 05:29Permalink
    Doomkiller999 said:Is it still possible to rank up? I've won my last few matches, only encountering level 1s, and am starting to wonder if it's actually possible to still get the final online achievement?yes, but this thread is misguided. for those who have not read the solution for Fear No One YOU CAN NOT BOOST UP RANKS PLAYING AGAINST 1 PERSON

    you need at least 2 people or accounts you can connect to, and alternate vs wins against them to rank up.

    the biggest pain in the butt part about any of the on-line achievements is actually connecting to anyone. the match making for this game is half broken and the developers won't fix it.
  • RockCiaytonRockCiayton434,652
    Posted on 24 June 16 at 01:05Permalink
    Need help with online achievements im lvl 1 if anyone wants to help me cheers
  • MikaszMikasz444,599
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 12:52Permalink
    I created boosting session for 01.07 at 19:00 (Friday). If anyone is interested in boosting online achievements, feel free to join in. When I reach level 3 (it is safer than level 2) I'll help more people with online achievements later on.
  • I C4RM1N3 II C4RM1N3 I496,455 496,455 GamerScore
    Posted on 04 July 16 at 07:31Permalink
    Still looking for someone to knock these out with. I'm in the EST. Thanks
  • HealttiHealtti2,100,813
  • SloppyJoe811SloppyJoe811951,771
    Posted on 23 November 16 at 15:07Permalink
    Looking for some help with the final 2 MP achievements. If anyone can spare a few minutes to help, please PM me.
  • Draco719Draco7191,086,930
    Posted on 01 February 17 at 03:48Permalink
    Looking to get the online stuff if anyone is interested
  • Mythus CZMythus CZ478,112
    Posted on 14 March 17 at 16:01Permalink
    I looking for someone, who has got it and spare 5 minutes to help me with these 3 chievos.
  • PHT999PHT999693,169
    Posted on 25 June 17 at 08:39Permalink
    Anyone still about to try and get these achievements done?
  • PasaniusPasanius872,929
    Posted on 02 August 17 at 01:33Permalink
    Yea, I'm looking to do this however we e either need a lvl 2 player or a few of us
  • BTZ SilenceBTZ Silence223,763
    Posted on 09 December 17 at 01:27Permalink
    I'm level 2 and need to beat a lvl 3 to complete the game, can anyone help plz?
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