Game Discussion: CastleStorm – Definitive Edition

Online achievements / boost

  • MichuMichu311,075
    Posted on 26 December 17 at 02:15Permalink
    I’m a level 1 needing to beat a level 2, any help would be appreciated
  • Posted on 04 January 18 at 07:51Permalink
    I'm looking to get this done at some point too, never played online, so I guess I'm level 1. Not sure when I'll be free though.
  • Posted on 06 January 18 at 01:44Permalink
    I too need to beat a level 2 to get the last 3 achievements.
  • BeijingyBeijingy300,255
    Posted on 06 January 18 at 03:27Permalink
    Help!! I need Fear No One, it's the only thing keeping me from 100% completion in this game. But unfortunately I need to find someone Level 4 or higher who I can connect to! Please!
  • WtHockeyWtHockey270,101
    Posted on 16 January 18 at 06:53Permalink
    Also level one, need the last three online achieves if anyone can help let me know.
  • TropanTropan796,150
    Posted on 01 March 18 at 05:52, Edited on 05 March 18 at 03:03 by TropanPermalink
    Looking to mop up this multiplayer, currently level 1 so looking for any matches with level 2+. Afterwards I can hopefully level up and help some people out. Thanks!

    Obtained this, finally. Hit me up if you see me 'gaming'. If I am on netflix/hulu/youtube during the day, it's likely my wife. May need to help me level up, still only level 1 but should be able to help some people out once in awhile at night.
  • CuubzCuubz196,674
    Posted on 01 March 18 at 21:46Permalink
    I need the multiplayer achievements. I am level 1 and need to beat at least a level 2. If you are level 1, we can level up together too. Let's help each other obtain these achievements.
  • Posted on 21 March 18 at 10:12Permalink
    looking to get these done if someone can help or if we both need it we can work on it together. please check my feedback score i am a reliable game
  • Pseudo TrollPseudo Troll353,609
    Posted on 06 June 18 at 09:16Permalink
    I need help with this achievement :(

    I am level 1
  • BBpTBBpT256,120
    Posted on 12 July 18 at 20:50Permalink
    also looking for help with the online achievements
  • Posted on 12 July 18 at 23:01Permalink
    If anyone is level 2 or higher and could help me out beating someone a higher rank than me I'd really appreciate it. Online seems completely dead.
  • WtHockeyWtHockey270,101
    Posted on 20 July 18 at 16:46Permalink
    Looking for anyone higher than level one that would let me get a win really quick please.

  • Posted on 08 October 18 at 11:24Permalink
    Looking for help with all 3 of these achievements also. Currently level 1
  • IR0NEag1eIR0NEag1e198,337
    Posted on 29 October 18 at 18:20Permalink
    Looking for help with online achievements please.

    Message me, much appreciated
  • IR0NEag1eIR0NEag1e198,337
    Posted on 31 October 18 at 21:32Permalink
    Last three achievements, can anyone help?
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