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Posted on 11 August 15 at 13:14
Everyone, me and my friend (Darkthunder1241) are trying to get the 'A Fighting Champion' Achievement (Defend your Created Championship 5 times against 5 different people in 24 hours) in WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2008, and were wondering if anyone would be able to help us out? We will do it back.

Much appreciated, thanks in advance :)
o SeduLOUs o
o SeduLOUs o
Posted on 12 August 15 at 11:28, Edited on 12 August 15 at 11:32 by o SeduLOUs o
You might have better luck finding someone by setting up a boosting session:

or by contacting the people who have put the game on their boost list:

Creating (at least) 3 different threads about it isn't necessary.
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