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Bizarro World Pack in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Xbox 360) achievements found

  • MathGuy42MathGuy42601,496
    Posted on 19 February 15 at 18:52, Edited on 19 February 15 at 20:44 by MathGuy42Permalink
    Still not visible on, so it's probably best to continue waiting. I guess it is visible via the API that TA uses, so that's progress.

    Keep in mind that if you unlock an achievement before it appears on, you'll probably need to recover your gamertag and unlock it again. This is what happened with Dark Void for example: Dark Void DLC Achievements Now On . I'm not quite sure what would happen in this case since TA can see the achievements, but I don't want to go through the hassle of testing myself.

    Edit: Happy to see that the achievements are there now. Here goes!

    Edit 2: Well, looks like the achievements are still unstable. Looking at the list at , I saw 65 achievements and 1250 GS a few minutes ago. Now it's back to 60 / 1200. I've unlocked 4 out of 5 achievements on my console, but only one seemed to upload to (Darkseid on the Moon). Now I can't see that either, but I see that I have 61/60 achievements and 1210/1200 GS. I'll probably need to recover my Gamertag now. Oh well.

    Edit 2: Everything seems to be working now. I did have to recover my GT to re-unlock 3 achievements. Now I have the full 1250. This shows up on and on TA.
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