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Glitched Achievement Sync

Posted on 14 March 15 at 00:46
Anyone know the status on when this is getting fixed? It is serious becoming a pain now. I don't have a second WP but do have W8. Maybe, once the game comes out on W8, if I unlock it there it will also unlock on my WP?
Posted on 15 March 15 at 03:28
As of right now their is no fix for the problem. Xbox Support keeps throwing out solutions that don't work and haven't actually told us anything about a possible fix.
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Posted on 22 March 15 at 16:18
I keep pestering Xbox Support on Twitter on a weekly basis about this. I suggest the rest of you do the same.

They're trying to blame it on date changing the device. But I had this issue with the first achievement I unlocked; signing into Facebook, before I even started to consider doing it.
Posted on 22 March 15 at 17:11
I have never date changed my current phone. Certainly not while playing this game.
Posted on 23 March 15 at 04:43
They may say its do to date changing, however quite a number of gamers had achievements glitch on them in all the WP games during the time period of February 19th-24th. When MS had issues with their core services across all platforms.

I wasn't playing this game at that time, but I was playing Angry Birds Star Wars 2 and Uno and Friends, and between them have 7 glitched achievements. The green banner popped, but it didn't synch to my profile.

What really sucks is MS Support has no clear answer as to how to fix this. They pretty much recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but the majority of them have cloud saving so it doesn't work, all it does is reset the any game progress you had, it still keeps the list of any achievements that you unlocked (whether they synched properly or not). And any games that have been delisted can't be redownloaded, so trying to uninstall and reinstall any of them is impossible.

So far the only 2 ways of getting any glitched achievements in any WP game, is to either A) reset your phone, as it will delete everything or B) get a second WP and download the game on that and replay to unlock the achievement.

For me both of those options are unacceptable. I'm not resetting my phone (and this was a community solution on the Support Forums, but apparently it works, MS has said that they aren't telling you to do a reset and its not a solution they recommend) and I don't have access to a 2nd WP.
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Posted on 04 April 15 at 10:36
So we need to keep pestering their support then until we get a way to for sync... Or something.
Im the Lorax
Im the Lorax
Posted on 20 April 15 at 22:03
Seems that way. I'm not resetting my phn either, I have way too many games on there I do NOT want to lose progress on.
Posted on 09 June 16 at 07:35
I have the Same issue as well
20/20 in game
19/20 on xbox
the achievement that wont sync is Rockefeller
Posted on 10 January 17 at 01:43
Anybody found a way to resolve this issue? I have same as AdvisingMonkey2. Uninstalling, re-installing the game is same. I've even reset progress by not syncing with cloud data.
Mike Pitch
Mike Pitch
Posted on 06 March 17 at 00:00
So I just opened this game for the first time in a while and my three glitched achievements from February 2015 just popped, banner and all. I've never uninstalled it or reset my phone. Tried it on my other game that glitched and nothing. So maybe they fixed something with this game in particular?

Anyway worth a shot to just open the game and see if anyone else has this happen.
il Radd
il Radd
Posted on 23 April 17 at 15:54
My glitched achievements are:

Great Tycoon
Make It Flood
Bee Lover

All earned but not credited over the last 4 days.
Posted on 17 December 17 at 03:38
I factory reset my phone and re-earned some of the glitched achievements, but nothing unlocked ):
Lord Von Chimp
Posted on 27 January 18 at 11:15
Had a few of these glitch on me when I played back along, just loaded it up, now says 20/20... need to get a wifi connection to see if they sync though, hope they do!
Posted on 08 March 18 at 22:55
Loaded this up after a long break from it and my Wealthy Absent achievement was now showing as available to earn again! Finally completed this game!
Leo Ascendent
Leo Ascendent
Posted on 07 February 19 at 19:42
Ugh, like 4 are locked for me. MS needs to stop trying to branch out when they can't even get their own services to work. - Gameplays, Tips and Tricks, Achievement Guides, and More!!!!
Posted on 10 June 19 at 02:51
16/20 unlocked in game, 5/20 came across. My game used my cloud save file from Windows 8 or 10 where I had already beat the game 100%. Only 16 of those unlocks went into the WP game. And only 5 of those came across to MS.
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