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Do you have to get collectibles in one run-through?

Posted on 16 August 15 at 17:55, Edited on 16 August 15 at 18:46 by PhillipWendell
I'm a few hours into the game. I don't believe I've missed any collectibles so far, but in case I did, are you able to load up a chapter after finishing the game and get the ones you missed?
Skeptical Mario
Posted on 17 August 15 at 16:54
I believe you can, for the purpose of the achievement(s), but the in-game tracker only shows the ones you've obtained during your current playthrough. So if you reload chapter 4, you'll only see the ones you got in chapters 1-3.

I'd recommend making your own checklist and tracking them manually.
Posted on 21 January 16 at 19:56
I second this question. I believe I played through half the game when I first picked it up, but I can't remember if I had collected the vox and scopes.
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