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  • ZalmZalm405,645
    Posted on 08 April 11 at 10:19
    Ok...I know this is probable gonna sound stupid, but what the hell is awareness supposed to do. I have it, and it seems to do nothing. The games says use it to get enemy locations, facing, and awareness level, but everytime I click the left bumper with it equipped, the little radar symbol appears in the top right corner of the screen, and thats it. It just appears and dissapears really quick. I even have the skill unlocked in my skill set, was it a waste of points?
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  • RadiantViperRadiantViper934,457
    Posted on 09 April 11 at 05:59, Edited on 09 April 11 at 06:01 by RadiantViper
    I looked around and apparently it's a bug that the skill doesn't work if you gained in during the initial character creation. If you bump it up to the next level it should start working again. I can't verify this myself but it seems plausible.

    When it gets to the higher levels, it also doesn't need to be activated - it's simply on all the time.

    It basically puts these little arrows above enemies heads. It changes colour depended on their status (either calm/neutral, bothered (looking around) or agitated (engaging in combat).
  • ZalmZalm405,645
    Posted on 09 April 11 at 10:40
    Thanx. I went ahead and dumped points into the stealth setup when I chose my over all class and bumped it to master, and its working now. It just made the earlier lvls being stealthy difficult.
    I rock, and I dont care what you think.
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