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Blast Corps Bugged Achievement?

Posted on 19 August 15 at 05:43, Edited on 19 August 15 at 21:45 by darkmafia99
So 4 of my achievements Carrier Bagged, clear a path on all levels

Renegade Dismantler Destroy All buildings

Rdu ICU find all rdus

International Rescuers find all survivors

all 4 of them are stuck at 95%

I have completed the game, gold medals in all

Anyone else having this issue?

I got the Rare Replay stamps for all

Edit: Carrier Bagged just randomly popped as I was opening up missions to double check the stats :S

Edit #2: 16 hours later they are now "Done...Unlocking!" What a relief :)
Posted on 24 August 18 at 17:44
Same issue with 'international rescuers'... 100% in game, no achievement and 95% on tracking.
Posted on 24 August 19 at 11:31
I got the same issue with the achievement "RDU, CDU - Over time, find all the RDUs on every stage." It has been stuck on 95% even though I collected everything and achieved Gold on all stages. All other Blast Corps achievements popped. Frustrating to say the least.

Anyone know a possible fix?
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