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Monster Go! Coming to Windows Phone and Win 8

  • Chris8875Chris8875615,396
    Posted on 24 February 15 at 23:16
    Nothing to do with GameTroopers - this is purely in Microsoft's court.

    Problems outlined here: Unlocked achievement issue

    In short, Microsoft support does not have a clue. They had a response which they said would fix things, but that solution/response has been removed. It was a load of rubbish to be honest.

    I've stopped playing all WP games till this is fixed, but I hate to say it, I don't think MS Support know what they are doing.

    Their responses to my inquiries via Twitter made me laugh out loud.

    Very worried that some of these glitched achievements are not going to be able to be fixed.
  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,301,881
    Posted on 24 February 15 at 23:31
    FWIW, Microsoft support never has a clue. They're a triage function, not the tech guys who actually fix things. The software company equivalent of "Did you reboot your router? You did? Well, try it again."

    Likely just have to give this time.
  • Posted on 25 February 15 at 00:12
    SKIN RIP said:
    Unlocked in game today but not on my profile..

    Age of Empires: Castle Siege (WP)The RenaissanceThe The Renaissance achievement in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (WP) worth 69 pointsAdvance to the Eighth Age

    Think I'll hold off playing anything until they fix it..
    Uh oh! This should pop for me on Thursday. You now have me worried.
  • JaKoB MP 40JaKoB MP 401,474,269
    Posted on 25 February 15 at 00:45
    Ive had a few achievements on a few games pop but not register too

    But for some reason microsoft majhong did save on live but not aspahlt overdrive and assassins creed and a few more....
  • Mr RodsterMr Rodster1,846,123
    Posted on 25 February 15 at 00:48
    MrZombieChicken said:ChubbySweethead said:I have had 2 cheevs on make it rain that have popped in game but haven't synchronized to my profile. I really dont want to delete it and start again as the trouble seems to be in the 'collect so many of this and that' type cheevs. What has everyone else had trouble withDeleting and reinstalling won't fix the issue. The game will still have the achievement flagged as "obtained" in the in-game achievement menu. That's why I had to use a completely different phone to get the achievements.For most games, this is untrue. Deleting the game and reinstalling it wipes all local data. Most games then look to Xbox LIVE to determine what achievements you have, if they even try to sync at all.

    Example: last week Tiny Planes popped the 10k, 20, and 40k coins achievements on my phone, but the 10k never made it to Xbox LIVE. After I got the 40k achievement, I deleted and reinstalled the game. Upon reinstallation and syncing with LIVE, it properly recognized that I did not have the 10k achievement according to LIVE. Today I got 10k coins again and the achievement popped. This time it synced.

    In short, deleting and reinstalling will work in most cases, but you will have to gain the achievement again from scratch. (And yes, MS can go suck big donkey testicles for making us go through this...)
  • methajonesmethajones370,327
    Posted on 25 February 15 at 01:01
    My favorite part is the "wait 7 days nonsense"... as w/ the other achievement not syncing issues over the past HALF YEAR on all consoles the NEXT TIME the "wait 7 days solution" (very heavy quote) works will be the FIRST TIME that it does. i too have stopped playing WP games until there is a fix. w/ the "all platforms" achievement issues that have occurred in recent months you could pop another achievement in the game and it would sync the glitched ones.... but if it was your last achievement it seems they had to manually correct it. this WP issue is something totally different and unique IMO.
  • coipcoip223,075
    Posted on 25 February 15 at 01:26
    Glad to see them continue their Xbox WP support, although I hope their next release is still Abyss before this one. That's the one I most want.
  • Posted on 25 February 15 at 01:46
    Yay! Great job Game Troopers, keep them coming. Eagerly awaiting the win 8 versions, Tiny Troopers is especially a fun little game.

    I'm with everyone else, I'm not playing anymore WP until this is fixed. I'd hate to have to sink 1000 ships in AC Pirates again...
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  • Posted on 25 February 15 at 03:51, Edited on 25 February 15 at 03:52 by noth1ngness69
    Yea i got 5 achievements in Asphalt: Overdrive that are bugged. Dam cross save and bugs
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE544,306
    Posted on 25 February 15 at 10:47
    main element said:Beware! Make it Rain has multiple bugged achievements that GameTroopers has so far refused to fix.As mentioned before, there were problems with Xbox Live. And if that was the fact, the game has only been released for a few weeks. Give them some time to find out the wrong coding.
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  • JamPound32JamPound321,013,921
    Posted on 25 February 15 at 11:54
    Awesome news, glad at least one developer has decided to stick with wp and w8.
  • SaltyTONSaltyTON244,347
    Posted on 25 February 15 at 13:20
    Free Riegn said:Did GameTroopers seriously answer you, "We are not fixing anything!!!" and hung up on you or something? I'm surprised that they gave a response so quickly. The game is young and hopefully it will be taken care of.Seriously though, if someone called up about an achievement not unlocking they probably should be sterilised for the good of mankind.
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  • Posted on 06 September 16 at 02:28
    What I need to know is if the Win 8 version automaticaly unlocks all of the achievements that you have on the same game for Window Phone.
    To do or not to do. THAT is the question.
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