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Gunworld Locked & Loaded for September Release

  • ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce1,131,516
  • wBRYwBRY720,032
    Posted on 23 August 15 at 16:21
    this looks good
  • MrMagicZeroMrMagicZero179,111
    Posted on 23 August 15 at 17:22
  • QuickMythrilQuickMythril772,701
    Posted on 24 August 15 at 01:06
    so first a Gun-Minecraft, now what is this Gun-Terraria? honestly i thought it was a sequel. Guncraft Blocked & Loaded - Gunworld Locked & Loaded. maybe they are hoping people will buy the wrong game.
  • SighKo666SighKo666139,169
    Posted on 24 August 15 at 05:05
    Hopefully beter than the steam version which has mostly negative reviews.
    And hopefully it is only $2 like on steam wink
  • CaptainAdeCaptainAde439,672
    Posted on 24 August 15 at 14:18
    Is this where we're at now? £400 console to play this level of graphics? no thanks.
    I'm not a real Captain
  • JamesbucJamesbuc412,155
    Posted on 24 August 15 at 17:12
    Its terrible. I have this on steam and its just a mess both graphically and gameplay-wise with rubbish Collison detection and irritating controls ruining it completely.
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