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Unable to download Episode 1

  • LuckyKantLuckyKant462,534
    Posted on 24 August 15 at 08:41Permalink
    Can anyone help?

    I have installed the app and try to download the 1st episode from within this. Nothing downloads.

    Anyone know why?
  • Posted on 23 August 16 at 21:28Permalink
    I get the same with any of the episodes, and I won the Deluxe Collector's Edition. I contacted Xbox support and they blame Windows. Windows support blames Xbox. Seems this game might be virtually de-listed
  • Posted on 24 August 16 at 04:09, Edited on 24 August 16 at 04:14 by MattiasAndersonPermalink
    You might need to use a VM a virtual machine. I managed to use lot of youtube vidoes in how to set that up and finally made Disney fairies work. I guess I might not bother with adera now seeing I would have to use my vm again but maybe I will.

    1. Make sure that your bios have vt enabled. Search on you tube regarding that. New computer wont let you hold down F2 or F10 to get there when you start. There is a good vid how to do it if that doesn't work.

    Then get oracle vm virtual box.

    Then go to Microsoft page and write windows 8.1 evaluation
    This let you use windows 8.1 for 90 days without an activation key. You want to find this file using the VM

    So if you want to keep windows 10 like me you now click on the VM and then now its time to find a good youtube video how to set things up. There are 2 errors that I got and if you get an error search that specific error on youtube.

    So you need to add that iso you got from Microsoft page and when that's done hopefully it will work when you start the VM.
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