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    Posted on 26 August 15 at 09:14
    Please use this thread to discuss the Octodad: Dadliest Catch walkthrough
  • UnsungGhostUnsungGhost653,337
    Posted on 26 August 15 at 12:31

    I'll be writing the walkthrough for Octodad. I would like to finish the walkthrough within a week and I suspect I'll be able to do it quicker. Leave any questions or comments here and I'll get back to you soon.

  • UnsungGhostUnsungGhost653,337
    Posted on 29 August 15 at 14:27
    The walkthrough has been submitted for review. It should be published within the next 10 days.
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    Posted on 24 September 15 at 05:12
    You guys killed a playthrough for me - You said - First, go into the gentlemen's room, and on top of the first stall, there is a tie to grab. Tie 28 of 39, Winter Season.

    In America, stalls are the sit down shitters. There's no tie there. I opened the second, got spotted and my save glitched so I couldn't reset. You mean to say, on the first URINAL on the right. There's a TIE up high. Completely different.
    Posted on 24 September 15 at 05:12
    This is in Silent But Dadly
  • UnsungGhostUnsungGhost653,337
    Posted on 24 September 15 at 16:53
    Thanks for pointing this out. I've changed it to emphasize avoiding the center stall and to look for the tie on top of the urinal dividers. Pending overseer approval.
  • TaankGirlTaankGirl472,600
    Posted on 10 January 16 at 05:45, Edited on 10 January 16 at 05:45 by TaankGirl
    Hey in the walkthrough for the 'Amazonian Antagonist' Achievement you put 'you can stand on the table but it doesn't count as cheating'. When in fact I had done everything else and couldn't figure out what I hadn't cheated at after replaying everything a few times I stood on the air hockey table and the achievement popped so I'm pretty sure that is one of the games you have to cheat on.
  • UnsungGhostUnsungGhost653,337
    Posted on 10 January 16 at 18:59, Edited on 10 January 16 at 18:59 by UnsungGhost
    I was a little confused for this section as well. The guy never says anything for a few of the games... I guess, when in doubt, just cheat for all of them.

    This area has some weird conditions that aren't very clear. I played once and couldn't even continue because one of the games wasn't triggered as complete, but it wasn't clear which one it was.

    I'll change it to add the air hockey game as well. Let me know if there's anything else you spot.
  • IosiferusIosiferus425,254
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 21:42
    Hi guys! I have been meaning to finish this game 100% and just got to do it. First off thank you for making this walkthrough, really nice job.
    One thing I want to add for those of you guys who had difficulties with the secret level from the toilet in the aquarium (where you flush it). At the end of the level where you're supposed to climb those "stairs" right next to the exit sign there is an easier way. I kept on trying to do it but to no avail. But then by mistake I found out that if you push the LS and RS up to extend your arm above your head and press RB (to grab) your character actually goes up and you can finish the level easier avoiding headaches. Enjoy!
  • Posted on 06 July 18 at 10:32
    Hey, wanted to point out that there are 2 ties that the author warns against to keep from dying. After defeating the Chef, simply don't walk up and grab him. The Inferno and the Zen ties are still spawned on the map, so you can get them in relative safety.
    Ignore the tie if you haven't been caught yet because you will probably die getting it! You can try to drop from the rafters above, but if you haven't been caught yet, just come back for this one. Tie 31 of 39, Inferno.
    Half of the time he can't even see you. Before you do anything, grab the tie that is on the support beam to the left of Scarlet. Tie 33 of 39, Zen Tie.
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