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TA Top Five: Franchises That Should Get LEGO'd

  • Angels Kill TooAngels Kill Too1,885,035
    Posted on 30 August 15 at 23:40
    Lego Ichi The Killer?
    Get Hype, Bring the Noise!
  • MinPinMinPin435,764
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 00:17
    scotwolf2 said:Got to agree with a few of the other suggestions. So How about
    James bond
    The A team
    Star trek
    Mission impossible
    Wacky races
    Walking dead
    Clint Eastwoods spaghetti westerns

    I could i'm sure given time i could think of more, and with me being an old fart most seem to be 70/80s tv n movies.....rich pickings for video games
    Wacky Races is a brilliant suggestion...that would work really well as a game.
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  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 00:31
    Wouldn't mind a Terminator or Walking Dead Lego game, but the rest I would pass on.

    Seeing as Lego Dimensions is adding in a lot of different franchises, I think its more likely that we would see stand alone Lego games based on the different packs, like:

    Dr. Who
    Back to the Future
    Scooby Doo

    And I would love to see certain movie/TV franchises get turned into Lego games for:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    South Park
    Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z
    Star Trek
    G.I. Joe
  • CanaDa FwendCanaDa Fwend599,858
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 01:01
    LOST is an amazing idea. It doesn't matter if it will never happen. Don't listen to these haters.
  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 01:02
    How about Game of Thrones people? I haven't seen anyone mention it in the comments. Would have thought it to be one of the most obvious ones but I guess not. roll
  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 01:10
    Mr Les Black said:LEGO Breaking Bad?Close, fan made parody looks really good!

    LEGO Breaking Bad
    Hotter than Abba in Nevada sun, in a real small car, with the windows rolled up. OH!
  • TehJofusTehJofus1,044,700
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 01:09
    LEGO Lost would be an amazing game. Day one purchase for me.

    I'd also buy a Telltale Lost game and a Pinball FX Lost table.

    Via Domus is AN UNDERRATED GEM, I SAY.
  • Clark1306Clark1306910,988
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 01:09
    I always wanted to play as Lego Master Chief
  • Heazie ManHeazie Man493,306
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 01:23
    bps21 said:LEGO Buffy the Vampire Slayer pleaseBuffy/Angel? ABSOLUTELY. Never going to happen, but I'd love o be proven wrong.

    I just want to point out, many choices you list here are really poorly thought out. Mass Effect? Assassin's Creed? Battlefield? Lost?

    Please just stop...
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  • WickedDeathWickedDeath554,654
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 01:58
    N0T PENNYS B0AT said:Hawkins21 said:No bttf? Can't take this list seriously.

    And lost is by far the single worst idea for Lego I've ever heard. Utterly terrible writing on that show
    Back to the Future is already getting the LEGO treatment, as I mentioned in the first paragraph.
    yeah as part of a $100 starter pack plus the add ons/figures that are needed to actually play in the BTTF world.

    A trilogy of solo games is what he meant and I second that vote.
  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 02:00
    I seem to remember a few years back OXM doing an April Fool's joke about Lego Halo. I fell for it and was very excited. Ran over to GameStop and tried to preorder the game only to be told that it was indeed a prank by OXM. (shrug)
    The new dashboard sux!
  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 02:08
    Lego Halo would be great I think.
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  • ZylnearZylnear146,807
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 02:10
    bps21 said:LEGO Buffy the Vampire Slayer pleaseYou're thinking too small

    LEGO Whedonverse!
    a Buffy world, an Angel world, a set of Firefly worlds, a Dollhouse world, a Cabin in the Woods world, a Dr. Horrible world, and anything I'm forgetting. They could even have a little bit of Marvel with Agents of SHIELD.

    Also, I would totally play LEGO Mass Effect and LEGO Assassins Creed.
  • Redd FiveRedd Five1,017,472
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 02:10
    JCDRANZER said:LOST was a genuine waste of my time. I binged the entire series in about a month a year after the series finished, I only came to the conclusion that it was a waste of my time by the last few episodes of the series. So much build up for nothing.

    Lost was not a series to be bingewatched. Most of the fun came in dissecting the plot in small doses, trying to piece it all together. In creating theories and arguing what it all meant. We would look up the themes of the books seen lying around and compare them to the threads in the show. I couldn't wait for work the day after watching Lost.
  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 02:10
    What about Gears of War? Every time you gib someone, they shatter into Lego bricks
  • Dakrkplayer2Dakrkplayer21,437,495
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 02:23
    blueracer442 said:Dakrkplayer2 said:LEGO MINECRAFT most likely be a MS only game. Unless MS treated as a service like the non LEGO version of the game.So basically a Lego Lego game. Legoception. That's really all most people do in Minecraft is build things which is what you do in Lego.Believed it or not. There is a actual LEGO line that is MINECRAFT. It in ralm of possablety as a actual LEGO game.
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  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 02:29
    Full on Lego Halo. Multiplayer and all.
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  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 02:32
    I would 100% buy LEGO Lost.

    LEGO Terminator sounds interesting too.
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  • Zombie4EvilDeadZombie4EvilDead1,462,449
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 02:33
    Lego Bad Grandpa
    Lego Human Centipede
    Lego Hobo with a Shotgun
    Lego John Dies at the End
    Lego Bubba Ho-Tep
    Lego The Big Lebowski
    Lego The Babadook
    Lego It Follows
    Lego Wolfcop
    Lego Bad Milo
    Lego God Bless America
    Lego Rubber
    Lego Wrong Cops
    Lego Wilfred
    Lego Archer
    Lego American Horror Story

    I really look forward to playing the doctor who portion of Lego dimensions.
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