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TA Top Five: Franchises That Should Get LEGO'd

  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 19:42
    Hydro Thunder? No... Okay.
    It drives well for something that's crashed twice and then caught fire
  • Nana LurgiNana Lurgi159,110
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 19:42, Edited on 31 August 15 at 19:49 by Nana Lurgi
    Ultras500 said:I would like to see the following:

    Lego Eastenders
    Lego Bargin Hunt
    Lego Great British Bake off
    Lego Porn
    This actually made me laugh out loud. I'd like to add the following:

    Lego Absolutely Fabulous
    Lego Blackadder
    Lego Watchdog
    Lego Masterchef
    Lego Sherlock
    Lego Downton Abbey
  • baqqaratbaqqarat65,792
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 20:26
    Transformers would make for some pretty good Lego games.

    You have a huge cast of characters, and while their personalities are nuanced and multi-faceted, there are some core traits that could be easily brought across with virtually silent mini-figures.

    Additionally there are a host of unique abilities, which is a tenant of the series, and a lot of source material from which to formulate levels.
  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 21:21
    The matrix trilogy movies would be a good franchise to be Lego'd.
  • cheeky 315cheeky 315267,140 267,140 GamerScore
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 21:41, Edited on 31 August 15 at 21:42 by cheeky 315
    Love Lego games, love battlefield but Lego battlefield is a terrible idea, not sure what the author was smoking when he came up with that

    Lego toy story would be the only one I'd be interested in playing the rest are just really bad imo, it's a good idea for a top 5 but the choices are lame
  • OvapositorOvapositor185,273
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 22:07
    Watty8883 said it on the first page: Star Trek. It's the only obvious series they haven't done yet. 5 shows, 12(I think) films, hundreds of characters and locations, action/adventure, family friendly. I can't think of anything better suited for legoification.

    Also, if Disney Infinity wasn't around I wouldn't be surprised if they did a Disney game. They already have a relationship with Disney since they own Star Wars and Marvel.
  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 22:44
    I think LEGO could have fun with a sports franchise like the NFL or NHL. Kind of fun cartoony hits where the LEGO people explode into pieces and such. Make it arcadey like an NBA JAM or Mario Tennis.

    That would be a fun and new twist to the LEGO games.
    Ask me about my rock collection.
  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 23:06
    I love the Lego games to death but all of these look crap other than Toy Story, and I still don't know how that would work.
  • Goggs25Goggs251,803,085
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 23:22
    I have a few suggestions

    Lego Doctor Who
    Lego Transformers (Including characters from the 80's cartoon like Hotrod)
    Lego Thundercats
    Lego Back to the Future
    Lego Wrestling
    Lego He-Man

    And what about a Lego comic Book game all comic characters in one game including marvel and DC comics as cwell as other comic book characters
  • ColdEagle86ColdEagle86307,974
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 23:28
    Red faction

    Iirc though I think halo had megablocks
    RF only miniatures
    Alien non.
    But still they should be lego'd - all would be insta buy from me.
  • Posted on 31 August 15 at 23:31
    Lego Star Trek may have the locations and characters for 10 games but will never happen due to licensing BS. Don't expect it for 100 years.
  • ScottybonzoScottybonzo275,829
    Posted on 01 September 15 at 00:56
    Lego Emmanuel 1,2,3,4,5 etc
    Witty comment coming soon
  • Posted on 01 September 15 at 01:08
    I like that several people have suggested TMNT. When I first saw that they were making toy sets all I could think about was a game. There is a vast universe ?? to work with that includes several comic book series (and a spinoff series, The Mighty Mutanimals), several TV shows including animation and live action, and movies also both animated and live action. Plus several video game series that they could draw inspiration from.

    I'd love to see a number of the 80s cartoons that I grew up with get the LEGO treatment, including Thundercats and Transformers; both of which have a variety of stories to choose from, especially Transformers.
  • JMJimmyJMJimmy571,056
    Posted on 01 September 15 at 01:07
    Scottybonzo said:Lego Emmanuel 1,2,3,4,5 etc/thread clap
    Life, it's funny that way.
  • Adam CorelaAdam Corela717,807
    Posted on 01 September 15 at 03:10
    90s-era Nicktoons were, without a doubt, some of the best television shows ever created. Cartoon or not. Cartoon Network's early Cartoon Cartoons and the first few years of Adult Swim were amazing as well.
  • Posted on 01 September 15 at 13:20, Edited on 01 September 15 at 13:21 by MAGNUS 7000
    Lego anything would be cool as long as your a fan of the material. Lost seems like a total homer bias pick by the writer. Everything up to that point was good tho.

  • LouixLouix389,785 389,785 GamerScore
    Posted on 01 September 15 at 15:42
    What?! No TRON?!??!
  • SanjoeSanjoe674,403
    Posted on 02 September 15 at 21:17
    I think LEGO Outlast was nice laugh
    The Last Guardian
  • HarbringernightHarbringernight1,090,509
    Posted on 02 September 15 at 22:10
    Red faction guerrilla!
  • EmivaderEmivader627,206
    Posted on 14 October 15 at 19:22
    ALways wanted a LEGO Halo when I was a kid...
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