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Am I On Course To Finish Under 15 Hours?

  • Posted on 09 January 12 at 17:01
    I am currently inside the weird mansion where the boy turns people to stone with a time of 5 hours. Am I on course to complete under 15 hours if I keep at the pace I am and continue to read text and watch cutscenes?
  • mooglessmoogless223,772
    Posted on 10 January 12 at 06:43
    just dont bother with side quests and youll get it fine, i know i did.
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  • Posted on 10 January 12 at 14:55
    i done a few side quests on a separate save file but aint done any on my main save file.

    i read somewhere this player reached where i am at within 9 hours and got a reply it would be hard to get the achievement.
  • WeisGuy9WeisGuy9738,177
    Posted on 10 January 12 at 17:55
    You should be just fine if you are at that point in the game with only 5 hours. There's quite a bit of leeway built in. If I recall correctly I completed that playthrough in about 11 hours with skipping cutscenes/dialogue, etc. I had already played through it before though, so I already knew what was going on. Good luck with getting some of the item drops, btw!!!!!
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  • DureraDurera582,559
    Posted on 10 April 12 at 13:28, Edited on 10 April 12 at 13:29 by Durera
    For anyone wondering how hard it is to finish under 15 hours...

    I didn't skip any cut-scenes or fast-forward any "speaky parts" and did a dozen sidequests and still had an hour to spare on the playthrough I completed this weekend (my first). This was on medium difficulty with a few deaths/replays of boss battles etc thrown in as well. This was just following the main quest and doing side-quests that were "on the way". I wasn't deliberately going for under 15 hours as I don't look at achievement lists until after my first playthrough of a game for games where the story matters, so I'd say you're pretty much guaranteed to finish under 15 hours if that's your goal from the start.
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