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Red Stripe Deals: September 17th, 2015

    Posted on 25 September 15 at 09:44
    AgentZachMorgan said:ROBBERT DHT said:That's odd, at my marketplace it still says these 2 as red stripe but at the spotlight screen at my games it says that The Bridge is red stripes, that game isn't even on WP (yet?). It's a X1 and 360 game.Yeah I'm seeing that too, it might not exist but at least it's something different! These deals are getting later and later each week, it used to always change for me around midnight on Wednesdays, I wouldn't be surprised if they scrap this altogether soon.Well since last week it says a new red stripes every Friday so that shifted a day. However last week it appeared around midnight for me. It's almost 12 hours later now and it didn't change yet. So yes it is late compared to last week but the day has moved.
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