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Milestone Announce MXGP2

Posted on 19 September 15 at 16:45
Petrol, dust and mud

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Posted on 19 September 15 at 16:48
Better called This tread "milestone announce a new glitched Game!"
Looking for video game Steelbooks (Tin case or whatever you call it). With disc or not. G1 size prefered (PC/DVD/360). PM me if you have some to sell.
Knight Maximus
Posted on 19 September 15 at 19:52
clap gotta pick up the first still, mx fan right here smile
Posted on 20 September 15 at 18:50
pikblonds said:Better called This tread "milestone announce a new glitched Game!"Haha, yeah! Let's vote on how many unobtainable achievements it will launch with! My guess is 7, like RIDE 360!

Milestone are crap as a dev house, seriously. The CEO is a joke who pushes for deadlines and makes decisions on things he knows nothing about. According to reviews on the Internet they're a poor company to work for. I won't be buying any more of their games new until the company shakes itself up big time.
Posted on 24 September 15 at 12:49
Well thankfully we can believe everything we read on the Internet, and I'm sure the company are having a shake up right now to gain your approval.

Personally looking forward to it, they could do with a bit more imagination on the achievements but then that is easier said than done.

You need to look at the sales and then think about what type of budget they are able to commit. I think they do a bloody good job releasing what they do and staying solvent.
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