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  • Luku38Luku38716,484
    Posted on 20 September 15 at 11:48Permalink
    so i was playing this awesome game and all of the sudden, some of the minikits in the first level (in the freeplay part), were counted when i checked in the pause menu, but the arrows were still pointing at certain objects to shoot. so i followed the pretty arrows and at the fight with the big sand hands in the big hallway, 13/10 minikits found :))))

    picture confirmation
    in 2012, dracula was feasting on virgin's blood. now, 2015, he starved to death....
  • G2coversG2covers366,701
    Posted on 08 December 15 at 13:59, Edited on 08 December 15 at 14:10 by G2coversPermalink
    I have this problem too. 11/10 minikits on the Statue of Liberty level. Been that way for over 18 months and not fixed by at least two patches in that time.

    It results in the comic for that level being locked in Deadpool's room so I'm concerned it will void the 100% complete achievement. Hoping that not fixing it means TT know that it won't but...

    I have six air races left then I'm done and will post back here. Given how preposterously hard they are though (especially in proportion to the rest of the game) don't anyone hold their breath. :(

    EDIT: There's at least one other thread about this and the prevailing view is that this won't affect the 100% achievement so long as you really did pick up all 10 kits on any level where your total is showing as 11 or more.
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