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Wasteland 2 Details and New Live-Action Trailer

  • smokin cheezsmokin cheez254,637
  • ODCValentinoODCValentino325,992
    Posted on 22 September 15 at 21:46
    Yay....Now all I need is an Xbox One. Looks like a fun game.
  • KedrixKedrix278,486
    Posted on 22 September 15 at 21:48
    This looks like a sleeper hit waiting to happen for consoles. It will probably get "critical acclaim" and might even win an award or two. But it will probably end up with poor sales (like X-Com on consoles). Glad I have it on pre-order.
    Michael Durr Gamertag: Kedrix
  • Cellar AtticCellar Attic534,076
    Posted on 22 September 15 at 22:08
    I'm really looking forward to this, as well as Fallout 4. It's a great time for the apocalypse.
  • PlayUltimate711PlayUltimate7111,473,602
    Posted on 22 September 15 at 22:32
    CAN'T WAIT!!!! I looked at reviews for this when I saw this on a Steam sale. It looks absolutely amazing. I did buy it on Steam, but I'd rather play it on Xbox and get achievements.
  • Nailz08Nailz08332,864
    Posted on 22 September 15 at 22:40
    I will be getting this for sure!
  • HOBO Gord420HOBO Gord420406,602
    Posted on 22 September 15 at 23:32
    This is such a good game, played it on the PC about a year ago, never beat it though (its just such a massive game) and I'm excited to play through the whole thing once it gets an xbox release. The amount of choice is outstanding though, entire towns live or die by your actions, if you like fallout games, and enjoy x-com combat, you'll LOVE this game!
    When I have kids Im naming them Ctrl, Alt and Delete then if they mess up I can hit them all at once
  • Posted on 22 September 15 at 23:41
    Take it sleazy
  • EurydaceEurydace642,359
    Posted on 23 September 15 at 00:02
    This and Divinity: Original Sin both look fantastic.
  • AgentZachMorganAgentZachMorgan2,204,100
    Posted on 23 September 15 at 00:32
    I was gutted when XCOM 2 was announced as PC only so I might just get this as the next best thing seeing as the combat is very similar.
    This is my comment, there are many like it but this one is mine.
  • Posted on 23 September 15 at 00:43
    Wow!!! That trailer shows the most realistic graphics I've ever seen. Some of the best facial expressions I've seen since LA Noire!
  • deutschZuiddeutschZuid569,598
    Posted on 23 September 15 at 02:34
    WOuld LOVE to play this on Windows 10 clapdance
  • KBop a dooKBop a doo387,609
    Posted on 23 September 15 at 15:31
    I'm kind of glad I never bought this on Steam now.

    Achievements + sprawled out on couch like a slob + probably having more friends to play it with = win for me.
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