Game Discussion: Kingdoms & Lords (WP)

What just happened? All of a sudden I got a billion diamonds?

  • NicholasNicholas416,165
    Posted on 30 September 15 at 13:23
    This game is a grind anyway and since it's a WP game it's kinda glitchy too.
    It's OK, I kinda like it anyway.
    So sometimes when attempting to invade another persons game it won't work unless I restart the game.
    So I restart.
    When the game starts I noticed where it shows your diamonds, the numbers start going up very fast. This is right after the game loads but before it asks which save to load. I told it to load after it got over a billion ( I wasn't sure exactly what was going on really )
    Now I have about 1,090,000,000 diamonds. I had 7 before that.

    Any idea what happened or how?
    I googled around and found out there is a cheat for this on PC, but couldn't find anything about WP.

    I wish this would have happened at the beginning of the game instead of the end.
    Made the final boss a cakewalk.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Can you recreate it to help others?
  • LvxLvx301,142
    Posted on 06 October 15 at 12:04
    I've read about it happening before. It's a glitch, heavily in your favor. Don't think it can be purposely recreated, so be happy it happened to you! smile
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