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Kill Fee Fee the crab

Posted on 04 October 15 at 06:51
So I have played through the whole story (except for the last section where you can't go back anymore). I never killed fee fee the crab when I first got to shipwreck beach and now I cannot find any crabs in the area to kill. Anyone know if I can get the cheevo without a second playthrough?

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Posted on 04 October 15 at 07:18
Ouch, the crabs should be along the shore, there isn't a specific one, see a crab at the shore and kill it
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Posted on 04 October 15 at 08:25
You can still travel around the locations after the game finishes. The crabs should still be there if you go back to Shipwreck beach.
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Posted on 05 October 15 at 03:36
I spent a solid couple hours looking for them, ending up finding them on the beach over towards the cliffside bunker.
Posted on 05 October 15 at 16:30
A couple hours? There's hardly any beach to explore....
The crabs usually appear toward the bunker, or near the dock that leads to the shipwreck. (If anyone has trouble in the future).
Posted on 15 January 16 at 15:06
I've killed 20 or more crabs and the "Crab Cakes" achievement isn't unlocking. Can't find info. about such a glitch anywhere. Anyone have any ideas. I guess I could replay the game after I finish everything else? Trouble is shipwreck beach is near the end of the game lol. I've tried reloading saves and shooting more crabs, etc. Nothing is giving me this achievement though. I completed this game fine on 360. Shot one crab and it popped up on that version so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. Tons of people that have the Definitive Edition have got this achievement so I don't understand what's going on......Any suggestions?
Posted on 26 February 17 at 09:35
I can't get this to pop I've done a second playthrough to
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