Game Discussion: Max Payne 3

People still playing online?

  • Posted on 12 October 15 at 14:54Permalink
    Haven't played this game for a year, but it could become the reason to renew my Gold subscription. So I'm just wondering - are there people still playing the mp? Even in 2014 time to time I'd run into 1-player per lobby situations and could not find any game to join.
  • Segendary TySegendary Ty659,340
    Posted on 25 October 15 at 20:22Permalink
    There will be randoms present to ruin boosting lobbies here and there but other than that I think only Gang Wars is active...
  • Posted on 29 October 15 at 03:11Permalink
    I was playing this game about a year ago going for the achievements and there was barely anyone on - Gang Wars was semi-active but I never had a full lobby even once. I'd imagine that the multiplayer for this game must be dead by now.

    If you're looking to just play for fun you might have a tough time - I'd play at peak times such as weekends during the day (US time) which is when I found the most players.

    If you're looking to get achievements, boosting is a requirement. It is impossible to get some of the multiplayer achievements legitimately. I boosted virtually all of the DLC achievements and most of the random ones from the base game.

    Good luck!
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