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Your Longest Completion

    Posted on 05 December 17 at 15:44, Edited on 05 December 17 at 15:46 by CRUM LEEPermalink
    Mine would be MLB 2k6. I got all but one of the achievements in 2006. I recently bought the game again to get the last achievement.

    So about 11 years laugh

    From the Completions page: 4071 days 20 hours 49 minutes
  • Posted on 08 January 18 at 05:35Permalink
    Currently mines call of duty black ops 1, around 5.5 years. If I ever get the last hexic achievement it would be around 9 years... stupid black pearl flower
    PineConeKiller | California | Japan |
  • Posted on 17 February 18 at 03:43Permalink
    Just finished crazy taxi today. I started in nov 30, 2010... so it's been 7+ years.

    thanks to some video clips, and finally realizing how to crazy drift through the
    bowling challenge, and get through the crazy zig zag.

    man what a hard game.

  • Sipuli91Sipuli91354,202
    Posted on 25 February 18 at 09:45Permalink
    Alan Wake base game. Started in 21 May 10, finished 13 Jan 18: 2793 days 20 hours 53 minutes. Was a part of my attempt to get as many 360 games completed as possible this year.
  • tjw CENA2000tjw CENA2000269,807
    Posted on 12 October 19 at 02:43Permalink
    Grand theft auto 4
    2822 days 11 hours 34 minutes
    Started at the beginning of 2012 finished today October 11th 2019
  • sjpsjpsjpsjpsjpsjp307,947
    Posted on 04 November 19 at 19:54, Edited on 04 November 19 at 19:55 by sjpsjpsjpPermalink
    Finally finished Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved over the weekend.

    3989 days 9 hours 15 minutes. shock 27 days short of 11 years from start to finish.
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