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All the Cheevos! unlocked early

Mercury XBA
Mercury XBA
Posted on 31 October 15 at 03:30, Edited on 31 October 15 at 03:38 by Mercury XBA
Hey everyone, while playing tonight on "The Eagles," after unlocking the '50,000 points in one shot' objective, 3 achievements unlocked simultaneously: Extreme Objectification, Ultra Extreme Objectification, and All the Cheevos. I only had about 95-100 optional objectives complete up to that point.

Any idea what this is about? Has this happened to anybody else? I searched Google for a while to see if anyone had it unlocking early and I couldn't find anything. I have the 2 DLC's if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any help. If you look at my game page it's obvious something happened. All 3 achievements with the same timestamp and out of order.

Edit: I looked at a couple of other people who earned "All the Cheevos!" today, and it looks like they also unlocked 120, 150, and 180 in one day (which I assume would be extremely difficult). No idea how to look at timestamps for other people (it keeps showing mine) or I could confirm if it is in fact a system-wide glitch.
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