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Glitched achievements

Posted on 12 July 16 at 18:15, Edited on 12 July 16 at 18:15 by Farley
A tip for those perfectionists out there.
My Brutal achievement was stuck at 96%.
Because there is no new game option I deleted the local saved data from my Xbox One.
I then switched my box into offline mode, booted up Syndicate and ran through the first 10ish minutes of the main story before I could go back to the menu to access the DLC for about 20ish minutes, plenty of brutal takedowns.
I then connected to XBL again and loaded up the game to the main titlescreen and got the achievement.
To preserve my old save I then quit and deleted the local saved data again (since it was now only 30min of playtime).
Once I started the game the final time it synced all my original saved data down from the cloud.

Shitty that there are glitched achievements, but 100% nonetheless.
Posted on 12 August 16 at 19:53
my achievements arent unlocking for completing sequence 4 what should i do
Ryn0 L
Ryn0 L
Posted on 14 August 16 at 04:57, Edited on 21 August 16 at 07:17 by Ryn0 L
Blade from above stuck at 95%
I don't want to start over.... This sucks

EDIT: Doing a zipline kill in the DLC caused it to pop.
Posted on 29 September 16 at 02:53
A well kept secret did not pop for me. 100 % synced the mission and everything. Did not watch the credits until the end> Any solutions?
Snake Tuggins
Posted on 17 October 16 at 02:38
First off I want to say I feel everyone's pain with glitched achievement, I have made multiple accounts due to them so I know how it feels to be a completionist and not be able to obtain certain one. This message is not help for those who are stuck but for those who want to start the game but are nervous about glitched achievements. I started the game on 10/12/16 and have completed the game and dlc with all achievements as of 10/16/16. I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone but all I did was complete all the chievos in the main game before I even downloaded the dlc and have had no issues at all.
Posted on 09 November 16 at 19:54
I also completed the main game to 100% before starting the DLC.

But that has not stopped all but one of the achievements from glitching.

Sick to the back teeth of this problem on Xbox One. 2 Weeks ago I unlocked 1/41 achievements in Bridge Contsructor, the other 40 were Done Unlocking ... until I contacted the company who blamed MS, but then the next day all of them popped. Some people had been waiting over a month.
Posted on 04 May 17 at 22:04
I have all skills unlocked as Evie with no achievement popping:/
Posted on 30 August 17 at 11:42
Did anyone manage to find a fix? I'm having similar issues.
Darren XBL
Darren XBL
Posted on 15 June 18 at 20:34
All of a sudden all mine have glitched can’t unlock any, what a broke piece of trash!
Posted on 15 June 18 at 22:15, Edited on 16 June 18 at 12:31 by OhMyGoth1
Almost all the achievements I've finished in the past few days have taken between 30 minutes to a day to actually unlock. Most Unsporting is stuck at 78%, achievement for completing the story hasn't popped even after re-playing the final mission... I don't want to keep playing for fear of other achievements glitching..

Okay so the story achievement finally popped 8 hours later after replaying the final mission and waiting an hour... The achievement for collecting all the beer bottles is still not unlocking, but the one for the flowers did. That doesn't inspire confidence.
Posted on 29 August 18 at 22:35
3 of my achievements are locked even though I have met the requirements to unlock them. Puts me off putting anymore time into the game.angry
Posted on 12 November 18 at 22:33
I've 'Bedfellows, Strange or Otherwise' and 'Street Sweeping' glitched for over a year!!! angry
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