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Fear No One thread

  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,126,960
    Posted on 05 November 19 at 18:54Permalink
    Celtic Corpze said:
    Kanchanaburi said:
    I have tried ranking up a dummy account, but the online is now glitched. I can't get more than a single win even if i win against 2 or more different accounts. My friend tried against several accounts to rank himself up as well, and it didn't work.

    We need a hero. Does anyone who has a rank 2 or higher able to give me a win? matching up seems easy now, but my friends have been reset and can't help since we can't rank up any longer.
    Finished this on my previous tag, and was considering doing it again on this one..but have no idea what my rank is (if it hasnt been reset)
    It would be cool if you were in fact our hero with your older account. It would make it easy for you to complete this one again later. Interested to know.
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