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Initial Backwards Compatible Titles Revealed

  • ChrisChros87ChrisChros87166,512
    Posted on 21 November 15 at 09:45
    With the cloud save, i presume it'll just show up on the one like it would with the 360 then?
  • Lord MidasLord Midas419,135
    Posted on 09 December 15 at 13:47
    So, I bought Alien Homonid way back when. I have only one chv.

    But now when I go to get it it says Bundle Only, as if I've never bought it!!

    Any advice on how I can get my game back (this isn't the only game that has done this)?? Thx
  • Posted on 09 December 15 at 15:02
    I noticed it has to be version they say, if it is call Xbox support
  • DesolatePoemDesolatePoem192,283
    Posted on 02 January 16 at 00:20
    I recently bought JC3 XL edition for the xbox one and wanted to ask if anybody knows how do i get JC2? or the fact that i bought the Xl edition while on DWG voids my right to get JC2? any help would be appreciated. (sorry in advance if this is not the place for this)
  • UnsungGhostUnsungGhost652,062
    Posted on 02 January 16 at 00:35, Edited on 02 January 16 at 00:44 by UnsungGhost
    There's a good chance that it will be sent to you in an Xbox message within the next week or two. I got the Gear of War stuff within that time...
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