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Phantom Achievement Glitch

Posted on 13 November 15 at 13:45
Just a warning but I just got Evie all her stealth skills and the achievement did not pop. In fact i also got her to level 10 and that did not work either. I was able to get the Bartitsu one but nothing popped for Evie. Unless this pops later for me I have a feeling I will have to do all this again just for that one.
Posted on 13 November 15 at 20:10
I have the same problem right now...
Posted on 13 November 15 at 21:33
Have either of you installed the "New Xbox One Experience"? I completed the game last night after installing the new dashboard and the Sequence 9 and 100% achievements didn't unlock (yes, I do have 100% in all the main memories).

I tried replaying the last memory as this also happened to a friend of mine. He did that and both achievements unlocked. I was not so lucky, so I am probably going to play Seq. 9 over again.
Posted on 13 November 15 at 22:07
Thx I will try that. I did install the new update but I also unlocked other achievements in another game that afternoon/evening and they popped but this one did not. I will that it and see what the results are and reply back.
Posted on 14 November 15 at 05:47
I tried replaying Seq 9 and another Seq. I did not 100% and neither time did it pop. I tried leveling Jacob to level 10 and that one did not pop either.
Posted on 14 November 15 at 20:56
It looks like the phantom achievement was just that a phantom because it looks like it was part of those that did not unlock till later like other people have talked about.
Posted on 14 November 15 at 22:22
I have completed Seq. 3; no achievements.
Today finished Seq. 4 and I got that one.

Do you guys think I need to restart my game?
Posted on 15 November 15 at 14:07
I have the missing achievements now..
Posted on 15 December 15 at 21:33
I didn't get the achievement for sequence 7 and its not showing as done unlocking any advice on how to fix this?
Posted on 23 February 17 at 05:32
I have finished the game and DLC absolutely with 100% and i cant unlock achivemente Phantom and Wonder of the Age.

I also deleted save file in console, played offline and reached lvl 10 and all skills with evie, then go online, but nothing.

Any ideas of how to fix it? This two achievements are the only pendings for me.
New xDante1986
Posted on 30 December 17 at 22:06
I unlocked Phantom normaly but Bartitsu is glitched for me....showing 100% nothing unlocked...
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