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Very Sad (Also Double XP!)


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Posted on 13 November 15 at 15:36
Hello there, I just want to say the achievement tracking game doesn't work and it's giving me ennui.

The 100 kills achievement (Basically Seriously 3.0 like the one in gears of war 1) isn't working i've followed the guides but it's stuk

The cake achievement doesn't work because whenever I buy one the achievmenet stat progress bar on the xbox one (when you ahve to snap it;) is really odd as well.

Can someone help me? My other friend in the outback is having connection problems; ; ; ; ;

Also, I just noticed, its Double XP, so you can see this as a PSA LOL1
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Posted on 13 November 15 at 20:21
No achievements are currently unlocking on the Xbox 1 :
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Posted on 20 November 15 at 14:32
How can I cheer ya up, brah?

I could provide more assistance in the Chat Room.
Look at this top bloke.
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