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GFWL That Require Product CD Keys - Listed (Games For Windows Live)

Posted on 10 August 19 at 00:02, Edited on 10 August 19 at 11:29 by Cosminiion
ThreeHaddock62 said:
That's why you were spamming the boards for PM's earlier?
Ahhh, I didn't realize till you mentioned it that all game posts end up together in the Game Discussion forum making it look like I spammed. I posted one message in a few different games' forum for some visibility. I totally did not want it to look that way, like spam. That's my bad. I removed all those. For now, I'll only keep my one post here for those interested: GFWL That Require Product CD Keys - Listed (Games For Windows Live) Later on, I'll create a dedicated thread for this.

JumboWario said:
There are plenty of legitimately attainable GFWL games still out there. Still think it's probably in your best interests not to distribute information like that. Just sayin.
I'm only offering those games which had a GFWL version exclusive to the Games for Windows Marketplace (well LOGH is just a bonus, pretty sure it's nowhere to be found either). Nowadays not only can you not buy those games, but you also cannot redownload them if you previously purchased them in the Marketplace, so they're unretrievable if you don't have local personal copies saved. Maybe some people started some of those games, didn't finish them and now lost access to them. I'm offering those people the chance to finish those games up. This is no different than sharing Xbox disc games or the digital game sharing that people do on Xbox One. This -is- the only feasible way to play those games nowadays (at least their GFWL-enabled version), both if you never bought them and if you did buy them in the past.
Anno Mundi
Anno Mundi
Posted on 13 August 19 at 21:27
Can Tron still be purchased on Steam? I can't seem to find it...
Posted on 13 August 19 at 21:39
Anno Mundi said:
Can Tron still be purchased on Steam? I can't seem to find it...
Tron was recently delisted from steam. Physical copy is still available out there.
Solar Kaos
Solar Kaos
Posted on 14 August 19 at 11:22
You still can redeem the game on steam if you find a key
Got mine for less than 2euros
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