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Another broken game that's apparently not getting fixed


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Posted on 19 November 15 at 13:58
I emailed and tweeted Capcom only to be ignored. If your controller shuts off, that stupid in-game dialog to reconnect it and press A appears, but if you leave it too long it's impossible to resume. You have to use the XB1 UI to kill the game and reboot it. Not to mention the complete stupidity of the game demanding I choose a profile when I'm already signed in. And people wonder why I hate XB1. I don't like playing things designed for retards. I'm signed in. Use THIS profile. It's the only profile on the console! How hard is that!? Stupid programmers.
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Posted on 29 December 15 at 06:17
Kronos Khaos said:It's not broken.

You're a malcontent and you know it. You complain about basically everything as you don't have the rest of your life in order. It's a common occurrence for "gamers".

Oh, no! I have to click a few more buttons to use my profile! That's definitely a real problem in my life!
Whatever you feel about his sign in point I've seen issues with this in multiple games. Not personal issues mind, but I know my fiancee had a similar problem with the controller shutting down and then when she turned it back on the game wouldn't work at all. Perhaps the thread title is a bit sensationalist but this does seem to be an issue with the Xbox One and I can't seem to figure out if it's an issue with games or the OS.
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Posted on 17 January 16 at 06:53, Edited on 19 April 16 at 10:20 by
Short story.

360 > ONE.
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