Game Discussion: A World of Keflings (Windows)

Screen Doesn't Fit

  • Posted on 22 November 15 at 01:06
    I am trying to run this game on my windows 10 laptop, but the screen seems to auto fit itself to be significantly too large for the window you are given to play in, making this game completely unplayable... Has anyone figured out a way to fix this?
  • YOOPER 906YOOPER 906939,742
    Posted on 23 November 15 at 16:35
    I'm having the same problem. :(
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  • Cyber MonksCyber Monks808,948
  • Posted on 25 November 15 at 01:04
    Thank you, worked perfectly
  • Posted on 07 December 15 at 00:56
    musicThank You PickledSquid headspin
  • PTGigiPTGigi485,349
    Posted on 04 February 16 at 22:11, Edited on 19 February 16 at 05:54 by PTGigi
    Any solution for people without 2-in-1s? Following the linked solution, my plain old laptop won't let me turn on tablet mode (understandably).

    EDIT: Might have found a solution? Tried this and it worked for me:

    Oddly enough, I toggled it and after I toggled it, it worked both ways so I don't know...might help other people though.
  • RianFLRianFL141,696
    Posted on 25 March 16 at 07:19
    Thanks for the tip! I am holding off formatting my computer, because this game is no longer in the store. Now i can finally grab those last few achievements.
  • Posted on 08 June 16 at 19:10
    Awesome! Thanks a lot, I really didn't know why some games didn't work!
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