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Clarification on using Steam copy

Posted on 12 September 19 at 02:29
You can use a game with a legacy key. For instance just yesterday I activated resident evil 5 with a gta 4 cd key
Posted on 12 September 19 at 06:32
goshinkisfang said:
Hello, I believe I have an answer to this...two years later.

Unfortunately, Steam views Fallout 3, and Fallout 3 GOTY AS TWO SEPERATE GAMES (you cannot buy the fallout 3 soundtrack without owning fallout 3 for instance..even if you own fallout 3 goty)

Unfortuantely, Fallout 3 comes with a gfwl cd key
Unfortunately, Fallout 3 goty does not and has had all gfwl features disabled (stripped out of the game)

What this essentially means is that owners of fallout 3 goty cannot get achievements (there is no cd key at all for this, there is not an option in the game page to display it , nor does it pop up with the key)

I think this is the confusion. Owners of Fallout 3 can get achievements if they own the steam version, but owners of fallout 3 goty on steam cannot get the achievements.
When I bought the GOTY on Steam in 2015, I was able to sign in to Live with a GFWL key from a different game (this game itself didn't come with one), and unlock all the achievements via console commands.

It's possible that something has changed in the intervening years, but it's also possible you're mistaken. I don't know which, but wanted to throw this out there for more information.
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