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XBL Sale Roundup: December 1st, 2015

  • TiagoCostaTiagoCosta234,501
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 03:21
    Got the syberia games.
  • Tasty PastryTasty Pastry420,785
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 04:48
    Runch Optimus said:Tasty Pastry said:Any recommendations for/against Syberia and the sequel?For what it's worth, I thought both games felt painfully outdated—and that's coming from a lifelong fan of adventure games. The stories didn't really grip me, and while the art style is fantastic, the graphics are pretty obviously fifteen years old. Easy achievements, though.Thanks for the information. Unless someone sways me alternatively, I'll probably pass on them then. Backlog is big enough anyway...
    Something Witty and Memorable
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 04:59
    Yay Syberia 1 I'm def getting that and the terrible game Amy:)
  • MaesenkoMaesenko320,009
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 05:12
    Syberia 1 and 2 for me! Probably pick up de Blob 2 as well.
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  • xMachammerxxMachammerx861,390
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 05:19
    Picked up de Blob 2, Destroy all Humans, Syberia 1, Red Faction: Guerilla, and Darksiders 1. Add that with the free Van Helsing game and alas poor time I hardly knew thee.
  • SpilnerSpilner1,003,164
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo288,873
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 07:22
    De Blob 2 was an easy retail 1K.
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  • Its Uncle KevIts Uncle Kev2,160,597
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 07:48
    Ill pick up darksiders at that price. I've bean dived the first achievement and haven't touched it since. That and I wouldn't have to use my disc anymore and can play it if it decides to become backwards compatible.

    I mean it can hurt when it's only $2 bucks
  • XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX1,049,041
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 09:00
    Definitely the Guac DLC, since it's in my backlog. I've got too much to play already, so probably nothing else.
  • NawtyCawtyNawtyCawty806,014
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 10:42
    Silicon Iceman said:Stay away from Amy. Stay far, far away from Amy.

    You'd have to pay me to play that giant turd.

    Actually, now I feel bad since that is an insult to turds everywhere.
    Its not as bad as de Blob 2. Worst game ever.
  • Posted on 02 December 15 at 11:26
    I was grumbling that the escapists was on sale during black Friday but the escapists the walking dead wasn't. Just needed a little patience! Might have to buy it for £10.
  • JamPound32JamPound321,271,995
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 12:21
    I'll have the two Syberia games for £5. Won't play them anytime soon but ah well.
  • DigiLuigiDigiLuigi426,145
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 13:44
    Oooh, Amy. I hear it's great.
  • SandMan NL1SandMan NL1677,825
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 13:46
    Awesome! Finally both Syberia games on sale!
  • Posted on 02 December 15 at 14:07
    Red Faction was so much fun.
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  • bLaKgRaVybLaKgRaVy1,056,977
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 15:45
    I picked up both Syberia's. Already 100% the first one. Good story.
  • GuruThaGreatGuruThaGreat1,115,869
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 15:58
    I wasn't really expecting much for the post Black Friday sale but this is still pretty mediocre overall. Though I will probably get Darksiders. $2 is a bit hard to pass on for a game that I suspect I will probably have some fun with.
  • ShinUkyoShinUkyo187,522
    Posted on 02 December 15 at 17:24
    There's a decent amount of quality stuff on sale, especially considering it's the week after black Friday. Guacamelee is one of my favorite games of the past decade, and there's insanely good deals on 360 stuff. The reason many of us will pass on these, more than anything, is we already own them. Either through past Games With Gold promos or past sales, haha.
  • Posted on 02 December 15 at 21:57
    KryptonicFusion said:This is the sale I've been waiting for. I only buy games on disc if possible so this is excellent!Me too!

    I wont even get darksiders, a game i really want to play.

    I get it on disc later on.
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead678,164
    Posted on 03 December 15 at 05:21, Edited on 03 December 15 at 18:59 by HolyHalfDead
    Some more price changes/mistakes

    Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition 40% off
    Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition 79% off ($192.49 $40.16)
    Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gold Edition 60% off
    Call Of Duty: Black Ops III 17% off
    - Digital Deluxe Edition 10% off
    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited 60% off
    - Imperial Edition 60% off
    - Premium Edition 60% off
    Tales From The Borderlands Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) 60% off
    NBA 2K16 20% off
    - Michael Jordan Special Edition 25% off
    Skylanders Superchargers Portal Owner's Pack 40% off
    Mortal Kombat X 40% off
    - Premium Edition 45% off
    Ori And The Blind Forest 50% off
    Frizzy 20% off
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