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Halo 5 - Co-op achievements!

Posted on 04 December 18 at 06:35
Only need Harbinger, All For One and Preying Mantis to complete Halo 5. Message me here or on Xbox if you want to get these achievements too.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 10 December 18 at 19:18
At 1020G, looking for a companion to grab couple of skulls and do the challenge co-op achievements,of course i’ll Give a hand too, already done leg campaign,feel free to message me if you’re interested
Posted on 30 January 19 at 17:40
Hi all,

I'm looking for players to get the co op achievements.
I'll be glad to help in return toast

Here is my gt : rem117is
Time To Rage
Posted on 11 February 19 at 16:59
I’m looking to do all co-op achievements. I’m in eastern time zone and and evenings are best. Message me on here or xbl
lMad Max oo7
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lMad Max oo7
Posted on 23 February 19 at 06:15
Me and a mate are doing it around 11 am UK time if anyone wants in just shoot me a message on xbl
GMx MadnezZ
GMx MadnezZ
Posted on 22 March 19 at 20:26
Looking for some players to do co-op achievements.
Feel free to send me a friend request.
Posted on 30 March 19 at 06:59
Looking for partner to do co-op and the additional achievements in the campaign. In GMT +13 atm, change to +12 in a few weeks. send me message if you want to work together on this.
MF Draco
MF Draco
Posted on 16 April 19 at 10:55
i'm looking for a team/someone to complete the game, if you are going to make a session, please msg me.
Posted on 07 May 19 at 02:29
Looking for assistance on the achievements as well. My Gamertag is AustinGamer 117.
Posted on 10 July 19 at 08:55
looking for a co op buddy, message me on xbox. Cheers
Posted on 14 July 19 at 01:01, Edited on 14 July 19 at 01:15 by SpartanShawn097
Also need help with the base game co-op achievements + Party Hearty (if only this had splitscreen). Already finished legendary solo and all intel, but I will help if you need those as well. Please message or friend request me if interested. Thanks.
Sky Maniac
Sky Maniac
Posted on 08 October 19 at 14:27
looking to get done:
On My Mark
Preying Mantis
Party Hearty
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