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Halo 5 - Co-op achievements!

FaTa1 RoB
FaTa1 RoB
Posted on 14 January 16 at 22:52
Online now looking to do some coop Chevys.
Posted on 30 January 16 at 11:17
Hey Need help with co-op stuff message me if what to go for some of the achievements!
Posted on 30 January 16 at 12:18
Count me in for Co-op Achievements.

Q8J3 Austin
Q8J3 Austin
Posted on 03 February 16 at 17:43
I'm down for doing co-op achievements. I mainly need to beat the game on Heroic, but I need a few misc. ones too. Message me if you're interested :)
Posted on 04 February 16 at 05:36
Pls send me a message on Xbox for coop achievements! GT: monkeybiscutz
Posted on 05 February 16 at 16:54
I will be on tonight MST time zone
Mark5 Wolverine
Posted on 07 February 16 at 17:59
im on right now bout to do the whole thing on heroic
Posted on 08 February 16 at 06:56
Doing co op campaign on heroic starting from mission 11. I need at least one perso. I'm down to help with any of them side co op achievements as well. Add me. R1puan3won3
Posted on 08 February 16 at 14:01
GT: GEARS of BHADAL. On now if anyone want to do this
Mark5 Wolverine
Posted on 08 February 16 at 23:52
I'll be on at 9pm EST tonight and will starting on mission 9 on Heroic for anyone who wants to help/finish up their achievements

I also need to go back for Maverick so if you need that one MSG me on xboxlive and we can knock it out
Posted on 09 February 16 at 17:54
Need a bunch of misc. achievements, take a look and if you need the same or a similar amount im down to kill the whole campaign. Need co op Heroic.

Will help if I have one and you dont.
Posted on 09 February 16 at 19:05
Looking to do Co op achievements!
Mark5 Wolverine
Posted on 10 February 16 at 00:37
Kharttt and Cookie add me on XBL. I'll be on around 9PM EST for a few hours every night until I get em all.

need about 5 more levels on heroic + Maverick + Mantis one + Elite assasination

Im always willing to help with any others
YoungYusuf K
YoungYusuf K
Posted on 17 February 16 at 00:43, Edited on 19 February 16 at 00:24 by YoungYusuf K
looking to do 5 Co-Op achievements
GT - YoungYusuf K


Enemy of my Enemy
Help the Elite General charge the hill in Osiris on Heroic difficulty.

On My Mark
Simultaneously assassinate two Elites in Blue Team co-op.

Team up in a vehicle to kill 30 enemies in Unconfirmed co-op.

Emergency Boarding Procedures
Escape the doomed Kraken by jumping onto a Phaeton piloted by a Spartan.

Prison Break
Simultaneously kill two Wardens in The Breaking on Heroic difficulty.
Stoic Slab
Posted on 17 February 16 at 03:12
I need the entire campaign on Heroic Co-op and a few of the campaign specific achievements. I'm available up through Sunday afternoon, just hit me up on XBL with times.
Mike Pitch
Mike Pitch
Posted on 01 March 16 at 07:08
Looking to do campaign co-op and co-op specific achievements this weekend. Message me with times. The fiancé is out of town so just about 24 hour availability this weekend!
Burning Heritic
Posted on 25 March 16 at 08:47
Dont know if im to late.. anyone still looking to get co-op chevos? none of my friends are Halo fans so this is a bitch for me. Hit me up add me looking to smash as many as possible :)
Posted on 28 March 16 at 06:30
Folks, i have 3 acheevos left, All for one (coop missions 1 to 8 to be finished), On my mark and Maverick. Hit me up if interested, no skills required, just smart mindset heheheh.
Gt Tann3DNinja
Posted on 30 March 16 at 13:10
I've got a session for tonight set up for Coop achievements. Join if you still need them!
Posted on 04 April 16 at 22:26
Hit me up for Halo coop run through

GT: monkeybiscutz
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