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Halo MCC - Speedruns!

Posted on 04 January 16 at 21:29
I'm looking for someone to do Halo 1 and 2 Legendary speedruns. I have great times on a few levels for each, but need help with a lot of the longer ones like Library, Gravemind, etc. Looking for a good player that wants to do it. Message me if you're interested.
Posted on 07 January 16 at 20:31
I need help with Halo: CE & Halo 2's speedruns.

•I have 0 progress in Halo 2 time wise. (I suck at Halo 2, so for that one it might be all you.)

•I only need help with good times in The Library, Truth and Reconciliation, and Two Betrayals on Halo CE.

(These are 2 out of my last 3 achievements.)
Posted on 13 January 16 at 02:22
looking for people to do halo 4 speed run
Posted on 13 January 16 at 08:33
i'm down for h4, message me
Posted on 28 January 16 at 20:53, Edited on 28 January 16 at 20:53 by ResinousHashish
Long shot, I have completed 14/15 Halo 2 levels Legendary Solo with a time of (2)hours (20)minutes. I only have Gravemind left to complete but am struggling with this level (20 minutes at the first elevator..)! If anyone is comfortable running someone through Gravemind on Legendary I would greatly appreciate it, just drop me a reply here, private message, or on Xbox Live!

Thanks and best regards
Belly Elly
Belly Elly
Posted on 29 January 16 at 12:42
Hey Resin! Try to get the enemy despawn in the beginning, this saves a fair amount of time. I did it a long time ago, but I rember studying the guides of Naked Eli and the runs at 40 minutes is doable, if you need like 45-50m try to strip some time of easier levels.

I'm willing to help but I won't be online that much coming week, thereby I need some practice. If there isn't someone else I'm sure we can arrange a session that will work.
Posted on 30 January 16 at 01:08
Posted on 07 February 16 at 15:59
I could use some help with Halo 2. I'm almost done with the entire campaign on legendary solo. If I par time the final level, I will be 28 minutes over. A couple of places I could make up some time:

Cairo Station: 17:04 (Not sure why this level took me that long)
The Oracle: 23:33 (It took me too long to get to the part where you can glitch your way to the end)
Regret: 51:07 (I couldn't get the god despawn and the stupid prophet kept dropping me on sword elites)
Gravemind: 37:21 (Struggled at the end because I had catch on and it was like a grenade fest. That level sucks though so I don't think I want to do this one again)

Obviously I need to do Regret again and with a halfway decent run on that and getting sub par on the final level could do it for me but I'm just at the point with this achievement where I just want it to be over.

Is anyone seriously good enough at Regret that they could carry me through that level? (or Cairo or Oracle). I can hold my own but I struggle in certain parts which is why these times suck. (The rest of the times are all sub par time).

Even if I could shave off 5 - 10 minutes across Cairo and Oracle, that would give me a bit more wiggle room in my next Regret run.
Segendary Ty
Segendary Ty
Posted on 08 February 16 at 09:32
lokisapocalypse, what's your time on uprising and outskirts?
Belly Elly
Belly Elly
Posted on 08 February 16 at 11:00
Lokisapocalypse: Gravemind time is fine, it will be easier to save time on other levels. As you said Regret is too long and time should be saved, Then it is a matter of saving a few minutes from other missions. a

Without the god spawn it should still be sub 30min. This would save already +20min. Where exactly are you stuck? I remember trying the jumps and the god spawn forever. The only plus is that this is the first 3 min of the run, so you can retry without wasting to much time. From there on to the end it is pretty much ok.

At the final part you need to have some luck where Regret drops you off. If he drops you try to jump asap to the upper level (learn the short cuts), sometimes this gives you a cp (if you are really lucky) and most elites tend to hang around the bottom.
Segendary Ty
Segendary Ty
Posted on 08 February 16 at 11:23
With Sputnik and Feather skulls on you can jump straight away to the gondola after taking out the snipers. Therefore the jumps can be neglected. it also helps blowing up enemies or simply push them out of the way.
Definitly practise the route where he hides here and there from the water gondola to the 'banshee' gondola. I think that's a very crucial timesaver. In fact part that has you avoid enemies are the biggest timesavers. If you look at the speedrunners fighting, only Goat Rope is very skilled and Mr Monopoli has extreme sword flying accuracy. But Naked Eli just practises it to death.

In other words, they save time by avoiding combat AND taking shortcuts. But avoiding combat is still the best timesaver
Posted on 08 February 16 at 22:02, Edited on 08 February 16 at 22:05 by lokisapocalypse
Uprising is 03:17
Outskirts is 06:22

My first run through Regret I was probably around 20 minutes when I got to the final fight and just did absolutely terrible at it.

I ended up with a 22 run on The Great Journey because I accidentally got the Johnsons on the bottom level and spent forever trying to get them back up top before finally reverting to a prior checkpoint. I'll need to do that one again but I think I can easily get a 12 minute run out of that.

As it stands now, I'm 35:22 over. I'm going to try another Regret run tonight to see if I can't get at least sub 30. Sub 25 would be possible if I can get the boss on the first try.
Posted on 08 February 16 at 22:44
Total times:

Cairo Station: 17:04
Outskirts: 06:22
Metropolis: 11:04
The Arbiter: 09:56
The Oracle: 23:33
Delta Halo: 06:00
Regret: 51:07
Sacred Icon: 11:46
Quarantine Zone: 09:14
Gravemind: 37:21
Uprising: 03:17
High Charity: 06:15
The Great Journey: 22:23

Total: 3:35:22
Segendary Ty
Segendary Ty
Posted on 08 February 16 at 23:30
Since you're struggling I can get you Uprising on 1:20 or so. This offer only goes for you since you seem to be struggling. Could use some help on Regret and Oracle
Belly Elly
Belly Elly
Posted on 09 February 16 at 09:06
Thanks for posting your times. Looking at your times for most levels I think skill is not the problem, but you just need to get some luck at both boss battles. If you arrive at the Regret boss fight at 20, you should just try it again and again until you are lucky enough with the drops to get a sub 25.

Once again I would suggest practicing the quick jumps to the second level to get to safety quickly and hopefully to get a lucky cp. If any sword elite is nearby I used to outrun them this way. Another option is to stagger them with a overcharged plasma pistol to gain some seconds but in my opinion jumping is faster and saver (never kill them though, you don't want to replace a sword elite by a double plasma elite who can kill you in seconds from anywhere!).

I'm willing to help but I think you are better off alone. I haven't played the level since more than a year and a second player at the final battle doesn't help due to the iron skull always being on at Halo 2.

If you manage to get the great journey to a 12 min run you have the achievement :)
Posted on 09 February 16 at 14:29
Thanks Belly. I think a 12 minute run on Great Journey is very doable. Sub 25 on Regret would be amazing but if I can get sub 30, I might try to make up the last few minutes on other levels.
Posted on 09 February 16 at 14:48, Edited on 09 February 16 at 14:49 by Yazite
lokisapocalypse said:Thanks Belly. I think a 12 minute run on Great Journey is very doable. Sub 25 on Regret would be amazing but if I can get sub 30, I might try to make up the last few minutes on other levels.Sub 25 on regret is VERY doable. I managed to get 18 on Regret only having played Halo 2 once before MCC came out. I would practice the god despawn until perfect. Fortunately, it's at the start of the level so it's not much of a pain to work towards. The boss fight is very easy if you know what you're doing. The key is to keep moving. Keep transferring from the different levels and it will give you opportunities to whack Regret.

Your current times are actually very good compared to mine. Many of which are better.

I'd try and shave a few minutes where possible. Then you can focus on regret. If you can get sub 25, then you're good. Your time on Gravemind is fine, so I'd put that to rest.

Sub 15 on TGJ would be great too.
Laugh it up, fuzzball.
Segendary Ty
Segendary Ty
Posted on 10 February 16 at 16:32
Yeah I know the Assault on the control room trick and got 7:20 once. I'd love to to help out, should I message you on xbox?

I can help with Halo 4. Only 3 levels really require speedrunning. The rest is like halo 3, just play fast and skip battles and you'll get most under pars!
Posted on 12 February 16 at 03:50
Have I mentioned how much I hate Regret?

Got the god despawn. Made it to the final boss around 15 minutes. Couldn't get him down in under 35.
Posted on 12 February 16 at 06:27
Just ran it again. Its 1:30 EST and I pulled 26:45. I'm going to leave it at that.
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