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Active Servers?

Dr Drew 9
Dr Drew 9
Posted on 13 December 15 at 19:16
Received the codes for Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 and I wanted to know if the online servers are active. Regarding the achievements I was wondering if I could do them legit or have to boost them?
Posted on 14 December 15 at 01:49
I have the game. I just popped it in to the xBox1 to see if the servers are still up. The game needs a major update so it is going to take a while. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

As for the achievements you can do them legit but you need to be really good at the specific game modes. I boosted a few back when the game came out as well as achieved some just from playing through. This was my favorite game when it came out though so I played a lot.
Posted on 14 December 15 at 02:34
Servers are still in effect and it runs so much smoother than I remember. Xbox One even kept all my game data somehow. I'm still an elite with my campaign saved. Now I official love Xbox One. I thought I had lost everything when I sold my Xbox 360 with its hard drive. I'll help you boost some of the games if you help me boost some of mine.
Posted on 24 September 17 at 20:28
Are they still active now?
Posted on 22 October 17 at 21:18
Anyone still on and wanna help me boost everything
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