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Kingdoms and Lords crashing. Is this why?

  • NicholasNicholas416,109
    Posted on 24 December 15 at 14:47
    I've been trying to complete this game and I've made many friends trying to get the invasion/resist invasion achievements. I've also had issues with the game crashing during this time.
    Today I accepted a FR on live and soon after this person invaded my game. I tried resisting and could not login to the game. I had logged in last night. So I'm wondering if this is the reason. Most times when I accept a FR I invade soon after and several people have said they couldn't log in after.
    So my question is: has anyone resisted an invasion lately?
    Anyone who has this game please respond.
    I'm sending a message to all my friends to see if they have invaded my game lately besides this latest person.
    Also, there have only been 2 people who have gotten this achievement since Nov, 2014.
    BTW even if this is the case, fell free to invade my game. It will work itself out eventually.
  • Giant HungerGiant Hunger1,040,349
    Posted on 24 December 15 at 15:38
    I got invaded recently and I am unable to log in now.
  • Chewy027Chewy027787,136
    Posted on 24 December 15 at 15:48
    I too was unable to login after being invaded. My game wouldn't load for months, then started loading in mid. I was able to get in three days of attacking other players then added some new friends and was invaded. The game has not reconnected to the gameloft servers since then, though I have received notifications for being attacked.
  • Posted on 24 December 15 at 16:08
    Same here. I added my mother to an old Windows phone and attacked myself with her and haven't been able to load since.
  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle2,374,989
    Posted on 26 December 15 at 13:09, Edited on 26 December 15 at 13:10 by Markyshizzle
    i just had this happen to me... perhaps it would work if u only repelled friends attacks? It was my last achievement so i was having my friend attack me to repel
    Posted on 12 January 16 at 14:34
    maybe if we have three friends, a target just to make a test.
    Players A, B, C
    Player A attacks Player B>, and player C repels the attack.
    what do you think?
  • NicholasNicholas416,109
    Posted on 12 January 16 at 23:11
    I'd like to try, but whenever someone invades my game, it freezes and I can't log in for a few weeks after.
  • Posted on 16 January 16 at 03:56
    So...this is something I thought I clarified before, but I'll clarify it again here:

    Receiving any type of notification in-game, in your messages, causes the game to crash. The messages eventually expire, which is why you're able to eventually load up the game again. I don't know what the expiration time is - 90 days, perhaps? Maybe 180 days?

    I've confirmed this on my own, as well as with others, and your own anecdotal evidence just points to more evidence of this. The only method that I see of being able to do this is to avoid having someone attack you directly, and to have a shared friend that someone invades and another person repels. This works in conjunction with the quickest method to complete this as well with the date/time acceleration.

    Hopefully, once my ability to load up the game is restored, we can try this. I had someone contact me today asking to boost Demon, and they were not aware of this problem. I've been trying to knock this out for over a year now, and just want it done...
  • LvxLvx301,075
    Posted on 27 January 16 at 11:13, Edited on 27 January 16 at 11:16 by Lvx
    Just read the above posts, and I wouldn't be surprised if this holds true. If anyone wants to boost using the shared friend method, I'll make a session.
  • LvxLvx301,075
    Posted on 11 February 16 at 10:58
    For those interested:

    Blame Essence said:Update time. I just invaded my dummy with another dummy. As expected the dummy that got invaded now freezes upon loading. I however can't seem to revenge the invasion in any way as it simply doesn't show up. I'll keep checking today, it might take some time.
  • NicholasNicholas416,109
    Posted on 11 February 16 at 13:05
    Can you try while both people are active in the game? That was the way I was thinking it may work. Mine still isn't working, I'll let you know if it changes.
  • LvxLvx301,075
    Posted on 12 February 16 at 12:42
    Well, I think we're shit outta luck. I just invaded again, and it still didn't show up on my phone. Only thing I can think of now is to try doing this with dummy phones. If anyone has access to a WP they don't use to try this, let me know.
  • yossarianoyossariano449,916
    Posted on 14 February 16 at 12:19
    I will have access at some point to an old phone. My freezes started happening when I invaded my main account using my windows tablet and a dummy account. The dummy is working fine still but main account frozen following that attack.

    It's just like Shadow Kisuragi says, it's surely the notifications. Thanks for his information and advice. At some point I think we can work together to form groups of threes or whatever to overcome (hopefully) the limitations. Dummy accounts take the freeze hit, main accounts stay unfrozen.

    I've mailed Gameloft support but nothing back. Very poor customer service.
  • yossarianoyossariano449,916
    Posted on 14 February 16 at 12:24
    Following up on the notification theory.... where are the notifications pending stored? Cloud save data or Gameloft servers?

    Try using your xbox to delete all Kingdoms and Lords cloud data to see if that helps, if not we know it's notifications on GameLoft servers.

    I don't have access to my xbox at moment (RROD). I contacted MS customer support to try this but they just did a cloud reset and I'm not sure what that actually did.
  • Posted on 16 February 16 at 20:25
    Notifications are on the Gameloft servers I'm pretty sure, but if you can delete the Cloud Data for WP/W8 on Xbox I'd be surprised.

    With that being said, I've talked to the two people who have done this recently (they're on my Friends List). Invasions no longer update, so you have to do repels against someone who has an active invasion.
  • Posted on 16 April 16 at 05:40, Edited on 16 April 16 at 05:41 by Shadow Kisuragi
    Just wanted to clarify, I did some debugging tonight since the crash STILL isn't resolved for me. I don't think it ever will be...

    The messages and saves are stored on Gameloft servers. is your messages, is your saves, and is the authentication server. The issue occurs when triggering the download of the file, at least for me, and it errors out with what appears to be a "Method was called at an unexpected time" exception with BackgroundTransferOperation::CreateTask (a WinRT API). If anyone has any ideas that can take it from there, great, but I can't find any HTTP/HTTPS traffic in Fiddler that has any impact on this download process. I do know that the Authenticate call fails VERY often, which may be leading to this.

    The files themselves aren't a problem - in fact, I can access the files from the web on their server. The problem, when I discussed it with them previously and found someone with information, appears to have originally been caused by an Android update that required them to update their servers for a security patch, and it unintentionally broke iOS and Windows. iOS and Windows weren't updated after that point. It makes sense that both of those broke, however, as Windows runs off the iOS servers (and is essentially an iOS port with a bridge for the Xbox integration. Go figure).

    One day, I hope the game stops crashing long enough for me to just wrap up my 40 invades and 80 repels. That's all I want out of this damn game.
  • yossarianoyossariano449,916
    Posted on 25 April 16 at 10:02
    Can I just add that I am currently playing the game online following 2 periods of being frozen out as per server issues above. Each time I was frozen out for about 6 - 12 weeks.

    The first time I was frozen out was because my dummy account sent my main account a gift (flamestrike). The notification caused a freeze. The second time was when someone attacked my kingdom.

    If you are attacked, the resulting notification may freeze you out.

    The invasion / repels achievement can therefore (for me at least) can only be done as follows:

    1. Attacks - setup dummy accounts and with your main account attack them. Simple. The dummies will all be rendered frozen out from live play because of the bug.

    2. Repels. - setup one more dummy account to attack the other dummies. Do not invade this golden dummy :o) You need to keep it alive. Then with your main account repel the invasions from golden dummy on the other dummies.

    Sounds complicated I know. Gameloft are no help whatsoever. I lost a chestful of diamonds due to the glitch and they are refusing to refund, claiming the game is fine.
  • LvxLvx301,075
    Posted on 25 April 16 at 10:49
    Unfortunately repels don't work like that anymore, at least not for me. They don't show up no matter what I do. Surprised it's working for you.
  • Posted on 28 April 16 at 14:22
    Confirmed from Gameloft - they WILL NOT support any updates, or any open cases, for this title.
    You're stuck waiting 3+ months without logging in for your messages to time out (hopefully), and you're stuck having to use Ellinas Warrior as your repel target, since the game is stuck in the same state it was in when Ellinas and samarin were boosting on May 9th, 2015.

    Boosting repels won't work with new accounts, since it doesn't store the invade flag on the server. I think he found that out.
  • A Lazy SusanA Lazy Susan1,122,291
    Posted on 07 August 16 at 00:51
    Has anyone contacted Microsoft. Why are they allowed to leave an essentially unplayable game in the Store?
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