Game Discussion: Kingdoms & Lords (WP)

Kingdoms and Lords crashing. Is this why?

  • Posted on 08 August 16 at 21:21
    It's playable, and not observable since the connection times out 95% of the time. A lot of people are playing it with the Gameloft server timing out.
  • BahaumautBahaumaut1,536,927
    Posted on 06 September 16 at 01:21
    At this point, is there any way to 'fake' the servers that are supposed to get the messages? Since there are given DNS names, a HOSTS file update could point it to a specific IP. And since GameLoft is a festering, Ebola-laden boil on the sphincter of the gaming community, there's probably no other option. Until someone goes all Bane on their managers, we're stuck trying to get things working properly.
  • LvxLvx301,083
    Posted on 06 September 16 at 08:19
    Don't think that's possible. Even if you somehow were able to redirect the game's messages to your own server, you'd need a server that is able to handle those messages the way Gameloft would. Unless you have access to Gameloft's servers, there's no way to do this.
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