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DLC is re-listed and is bundled with the On Demand version

Posted on 23 April 16 at 20:37
NoLifeDGenerate said:It's also BS that they're using the platinum hits cover image for the first game when platinum hits titles are always $19.99 at retail.It has the PH cover but it offers the Gold Edition content. Good luck finding that for under $40. GameStop has GE listed for $35 if you have their PowerUp Rewards membership but GS can go to Hell. Bought both games digitally the second time they've had them on sale since September for $10 each. Bought them while logged in on a friends console, so once they add them to backwards compatible on Xbox One I'll have three copies of each when including my discs.
Posted on 23 May 16 at 18:57
So if i download the game from Live Marketplace will I get all the DLC that came with it? (sorry if this has been asked i'm just confused haha :D
Posted on 23 May 16 at 20:40
Yes. The digital copy includes all DLC.
Posted on 06 June 16 at 23:19
And does this apply to the UK version of Xbox live ? If I download it from the UK marketplace would I still get all the dlc characters etc ?
Living Legends
Posted on 07 June 16 at 07:54
Yes, my friend who is from Australia got this from on demand and got the DLC. Aussies use Pal Xbox. It should not matter where your from due to the fact it is on demand but this is assurance for you.
Posted on 07 June 16 at 16:56
Ah thanks Psylocke is part of the DLC and she is my fav X-Men smile
Posted on 19 July 18 at 23:00
this game is on sale and does it still come with the DLC?
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