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practice makes perfect achievements

Daikoku JPN
Posted on 14 June 11 at 19:59
i just got the achievement for playing the game for 5 hours , im very concerned as i have only played for a little over an hour , im very annoyed and is there a possibility of been caught out ? i didnt use anything like a mod to unlock it and i dont want to be reset.
thanks daichi - japan.
Posted on 14 June 11 at 20:37
It does seem strange that it would unlock after such a short time.

Completing Mirror's Edge in a day is pretty impressive too...
Daikoku JPN
Posted on 15 June 11 at 23:35
thanks for the reply , im not sure why it did it :/
as for mirrors edge its only because im top of the majority of speedruns / time trails , played that game for about 2 years now and its a breeze :)
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